The Missourian welcomes letters to the editor. However, on a regular basis The Missourian receives letters that are much too long.

We ask our readers to try to keep their letters to 400 words. We admit we have made exceptions to that rule.

We don’t like to eliminate words, or sentences, but sometimes it is necessary. When we do, and it’s not often, we, of course, don’t delete vital words or sentences as to the intent of the letter on particular issues.

This newspaper reserves the right to make judgment calls on publishing letters as to whether they are libelous; in good taste; contain allegations that we are unable to check; personal attacks; and disputes involving businesses or private parties. We do not publish letters of endorsement of political candidates. Letters that are not signed are not published. Letters must include the address and telephone number of the writer for verification purposes. If a letter is signed and the writer wishes to withhold his or her name, that request usually is honored — depending on the circumstances.