This was written before the outcome of the election was known, but polls gave a clue to the winners. The national polls indicated the presidential race would be close.

If it turned out to be close, it may be days before we know who the winner is. That’s because of news reports of some problems expected in voting in different parts of the country. Where Hurricane Sandy struck was expected to be one of the problem areas.

If the results of the Obama-Romney race end up very close, and there are problems, expect challenges to be made as to the voting numbers in those places.

If the results are not close, there may not be challenges where problems occur.

Will it be days before we know the outcome of some races? Will the winner be the candidate who gets more of his supporters to show up at the polls than his opponent?

The one thing we know for sure is that people will be glad it’s over. It will be nice not to be bombarded with television smear ads. There’s probably truth in the observation that the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on television ads in the closing month and days were wasted since voters had made up their minds months ago as to Obama and Romney.