One of the highway improvements that has been needed in this area for a long time is at Hopewell Hill in Warren County. The improvement project is under way and traffic control is going to mean a major inconvenience to motorists, many of whom use that section of Highway 47 daily.

According to the construction schedule, in late July that section of Highway 47 is going to be closed for an estimated 18 days. The project is expected to be completed by Sept. 1. Traffic will be detoured over Routes M and O during the 18-day period of closure needed to complete the connections.

The highway also will be closed for up to 15 minutes during times when blasting and rock excavation work is being done. The work will eliminate major curves and Highway 47 will be realigned at the southern end of the project’s scope. Twelve existing curves will be “softened” into three curves. Two 11-foot lanes with 4-foot paved shoulders will be built. Hopewell Hill is steep and the present roadway for a short section resembles a road you find in the mountains.

The cost of this improvement is $3.3 million.

Motorists need to be prepared for periods of waiting and then the 18-day closure, beginning in late July. This temporary inconvenience is well worth the improved section at Hopewell Hill that will result from the project. This project has a high safety value!