One of the major road improvements slated for 2014 in this area is Highway A between Washington and Union. It also is one of the most difficult facing the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the contractor that is the successful bidder.

For almost its entire length, Highway A is narrow, without shoulders, loaded with curves and some hills. Over the years, homes have been built along much of its length. Many are close to the road. Mailboxes line the rights of way. There are a few hazardous dropoffs. On top of all this, traffic is heavy. There aren’t many alternate routes to avoid Highway A and reach destinations.

To do the construction work is going to try the patience of motorists and the workers on the road. There will be delays. There will be some hazardous zones.

The current 11-foot driving lanes will remain the same except that they will be resurfaced. Two-foot shoulders will be added wherever possible. There are only three sections along the eight-mile road to be improved where severe curves will be made less hazardous. There will be rumble strips between the pavement and new shoulders.

The state isn’t going to pay for any right of way. The project cost is estimated to be about $4.2 million.

No improvements, except those mentioned, will be made at the Krakow intersection of A and Route YY. Signage is being considered, particularly the cost.

Some work may be done at night due to the heavy daytime traffic.

Improvements have been sought for a long time. The population growth in the meantime has added to increased traffic. If the outerbelt to the south of Highway 100 that had been discussed for years had been built, that would have provided some relief. It would have taken some traffic off of Highway A to Highway 47.

Finally, the improvements are coming, and they will help to make the highway safer. It’s going to be a difficult construction and paving project.