It was suggested at the last meeting of the Washington City Council that a poll be taken to determine the support for building a Camp Street bridge. This has been a controversial issue with people in that section opposing it and it was placed on a city shelf for future determination.

There is a strong argument for construction of the bridge since it would connect traffic to a large commercial development and access to Highway 100. Emergency service units favored the construction of the bridge for safety reasons, quicker access to that section.

An often-heard comment is that the project was stopped by a small vocal group and what happened was not in the best interests of the majority of citizens.

There once was an old bridge there but it was the victim of a flash flood. For political reasons, replacement of the bridge was sidetracked. Once it only served a couple of property owners. But now the area to be served is highly developed and home to residential and commercial sections and a large number of people. Opening up access from the west through Karen Lane has helped to serve that area.

We always have felt if the project would be put to a vote, the majority would favor construction of the bridge because it is for the general welfare of people. The council can’t put every project in a poll mode. Members were elected to make decisions with the general welfare of the people in mind. There has been a number of issues in the past that were laid to rest due to a small vocal minority.

There’s nothing wrong with a poll, perhaps through water bills, which wouldn’t be that expensive, and it would be a good way to measure public opinion. There’s no question that council members would be more comfortable in making a decision if they had poll results to back up whatever they decide to do.

We would vote yes because the project is in the best interest of the majority of citizens.