Indications are that there isn’t much interest in the elections next Tuesday, April 2. There are a number of issues and candidate races among the many taxing entities in Franklin County. Excitement is not running at a feverish pitch.

We’ve had other elections when emotions have been as low as the water at times in the winter in the Missouri River. Every election is important, but try to convince Joe and Mary Public of that fact.

In this issue of The Missourian we have profiles of many of the candidates and we also have a public notice on the elections. A good citizen is one who cares about how his or her tax money is spent, the direction in which a public entity has been traveling and where it is headed, which candidates offer the most hope in public trust, and an understanding of the issues.

Election Day in April is when schools, municipalities and other entities go to the voters for approval of candidates and issues. Special districts such as fire protection and sewer entities also have their Election Day April 2.

Of particular interest is in the Washington School District where two bond issues are on ballots. These bond issue questions have been explained in detail. Many endorsements have been pledged. The committee promoting these issues has worked hard and made a commendable effort to reach voters. If a voter doesn’t know about these issues, well, he or she simply hasn’t been paying attention.

It is disheartening to know we have citizens who fail to live up to their responsibilities to be a participant in the democratic process of voting. They are losers, but their inaction mars the free elections concept on which the country was founded. If you don’t vote, don’t complain. Sad to say we have some voters who even aren’t interested enough to complain!