It’s good news that the Highway 47 Bridge Committee and its consultant on the design phase are going to take a second look at the proposed structure since there was something short of general approval of the first rendering. The main focus is going to be on the overhead elements.

The first rendering had one overhead structure in the middle of the bridge. It looked lonely and unattractive. There were many negative comments about it. The second design will feature three overhead structures, all with the same appearance.

They would be decorative enhancements that would give the bridge a distinctive look. They would have some functions, such as lighting. But a final OK will have to come after the public gets a look at the second rendering. The city’s highway committee suggested a look at three overhead elements, but didn’t recommend a definite design.

The rest of the structure appears to be pretty well decided. It isn’t possible to come up with a design that will please everybody. The committee at the very beginning wanted to make the bridge somewhat unique. There are limitations, especially as to the cost.

There still is time to come up with a definite design. The main considerations, of course, are a bridge to handle the traffic and one that is structurally sound. A goal is to make sure the bridge can be expanded to four lanes if necessary in the future.

The plan for a pedestrian/bike path, with an overlook, is a great enhancement that the public will enjoy. That part of the bridge design seems to have been met with general approval. Traffic will be heavy on this enhancement.

Credit should be given to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the local bridge committee for giving the public an ample opportunity to provide input on the design enhancements.