Yeah, we’re looking for a continuation of being politically incorrect in the new year. Like many who have seen many years come and go, we aren’t going to change. When you can’t tell the truth because it might offend somebody, it’s a sad commentary on life today in the USA.

We are sick of much that is the norm today, such as the casualness that has gripped America and other parts of the world we have visited. We are not only too casual in dress but in many other things. Too many people don’t know what the meaning of respect is, and it’s lacking in their everyday behavior.

Nothing is more irritating than the neglect in using “Thank You” and instead we hear the nauseating “Have a Nice Day.” Those words are not the same as “Thank You.” When you pay $45 or $50 to fill up at the gasoline station and the cashier says “Have a Nice Day,” that’s an insult. You feel like telling them to go to . . . ! Believe it or not, when buying gasoline at a local station Sunday, the lady cashier said “Thank You.” Doesn’t happen very often but she is from another generation and no kid. We’d nominate her for “Cashier of the Year” if there would be such an award. Made our day!

Wonder who the senseless person is who started this “Have a Nice Day” verbiage garbage that has taken the place of “Thank You”?

We have this politically correct campaign going on that you can’t call an athletic team the “Indians” because people of that race might be offended. Every so often an Indian tries to make it sound like a racial slur. The guy probably is more interested in gaining publicity than anything else. We’d be proud to play for a team called the “Americans.” We kinda like the name, the “Whitees.” Even “Crackers” would be OK. In fact, we like the name “Indians.” The Indians were brave, great fighters, and when we think of an Indian we relate that to high courage and a warrior.

And, please don’t offend anybody who has a different sexual outlook on such institutions as marriage. That’s being downright rude and, of course, politically incorrect!

We must not alienate the young because they are more sensitive, which means they are more politically correct. Bull droppings! But we must remember they are smarter than we are.

To be politically correct we must allow women to be in combat. They have the same rights as a man to be in combat, serve on a submarine, fly a fighter plane and to kill the enemy. We recognize that there has been discrimination against women, but barriers have been coming down, as they should. It does beg the question of if we have another draft of men, should women be drafted also? We don’t think so and that may be politically incorrect.

There has been some good in being politically correct, but there also has been outright silliness!

It’s comforting to be in the company of other politically incorrect people. If they live long enough they will see changes. Americans are known for mood changes. For proof, consider some of the presidents we have elected!