It’s probably always been that while you like a certain candidate for high public office, you have a few misgivings about their positions on some issues. There are, of course, some voters who are in step with a candidate all the way. We’re in step with Sen. Claire McCaskill on most of her positions, but not on others, such as abortion and her past backing of President Obama.

Sen. McCaskill, a Democrat, is in a heated race to retain her seat in the Senate. Republican Rep. Todd Akin has brought the contest into the national spotlight because of some of his remarks about women, rape, pregnancies and abortion. The Republican state and national leadership wanted him to drop out because of what he said, but he refused and has been gaining on McCaskill, according to some polls.

Sen. McCaskill’s chief problem is that she early on four years ago went all out for Barack Obama, who has lost much of the strength he had in Missouri because of his record as president. Sen. McCaskill still supports Obama, she says (and what else can she say to stay in the good graces of her party), but she’s not beating the drums for him.

A poll indicated that Sen. McCaskill stands in the middle ground on issues. She’s not too far to the radical left or right. She is a moderate on most issues and proclaims she is willing to compromise to get needed legislation passed. Rep. Akin is so far to the right that he’s off the charts. He doesn’t have a moderate vein in his body.

Sen. McCaskill has had some successes the past six years. She speaks up in what she believes in and is a leader in working for accountability and transparency in government. She has been working to cut waste, particularly in contracts with private companies for our military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. She took the lead in cleaning up the mess in Arlington National Cemetery and always has been out front in issues concerning veterans. She is in touch with issues pertaining to Missourians when the federal government’s policies are harmful and interfering with our lives. She is fighting to keep rural post offices open and cuts being made in postal services. She has opposed earmarks that are wasteful and not needed.

Sen. McCaskill has been a force in the Senate. She’s built respect in that body. Rep. Akin, because of his far right position, would not be effective. His past voting record does not reflect overall the far right position on some issues. He’s been a spender. In the past, he would on occasion express far right positions, but no one paid much attention to him in the House. But there is no question now about his leanings.

It’s doubtful that Missouri has had a senator in the past who worked any harder than Sen. McCaskill. She listens, knows the state and its people, understands Missouri values, is a fiscal conservative, is willing to compromise if it is in the best interest of the people and nation, and while we don’t agree with all of her positions, she is the best choice in this race.