The St. Louis Cardinals certainly know how to make October an interesting month for their devoted followers. Again, they have charged into the playoffs with firepower both on the mound and at the plate.

To repeat as world champions is very difficult. It doesn’t happen very often. It requires a consistency that the 2012 Redbirds have been lacking during part of the season.

The Cardinals have the richest winning tradition in baseball history. Now there will be some arguments about that, to be sure, but we say that without reservations. The Cardinals also have the most loyal supporters. Winning or losing seasons, the fans are there.

The Cardinals are an important part of St. Louis’ culture. There’s a St. Louis baseball spirit that is the envy of most other professional teams. Players love to play for the Cardinals because they are appreciated so much by the fans. Also, the St. Louis fan base is wide. That base goes way beyond St. Louis city and county. It’s regional and multistates.

When the chips are down, the Cardinals have a tradition of pulling through. The 2012 Cardinals have formed a personality that reflects that of past winning teams. They are adding to the flavor of October in Missouri.