The United States is being pressured to enter the civil war in Syria. It would be a mistake for this country to become involved in another conflict in that part of the world.

Both Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress do not believe we should send troops into that country, but there is some support for a no-fly zone and more humanitarian aid. There are reports that the ruling regime has used chemical weapons. It also is known that Syria has a modern and strong air-defense system. Intelligence and defense officials in this country say that the system was developed to defend against U.S. and Israeli military aircrafts.

The effectiveness of Syria’s air defense system, which was made by the Russians, has been overstated, according to advocates for military action by the U.S. The civil war began in 2011 in an attempt to overthrow the ruthless regime of Assad, and he may have used small amounts of chemical weapons in the battle against the rebels.

Complicating the issue of the U.S. getting involved is our relationship with Russia. We need to use air and ground routes through Russia to withdraw military supplies from Afghanistan.

We can’t afford to get involved. We can’t save the world from dictators such as Assad. We have too many needs at home that must be addressed before getting involved in another conflict. Limited humanitarian aid, if possible, can be justified.