The prisoner exchange to “free” an alleged AWOL soldier has created a morale problem for our Armed Forces.

First of all, the U.S. gave too much for his return — five top leaders in the Taliban, who you can be sure will immediately begin planning attacks on our forces and even on our mainland. The military, according to reports, may have lost the lives of other soldiers while looking for him, spent thousands of dollars on trying to find him, and then put into play massive efforts in planning his release.

Then we learned the Army promoted him twice when he was absent without leave for nearly five years. He undoubtedly will collect thousands of dollars in back pay.

There is mounting evidence he was a deserter. The old military used to shoot deserters, who were considered the lowest of the lowlives who were yellow.

Now he is coming off as a hero! Think of what this sad episode is doing to the morale of our troops.