Sen. Claire McCaskill is a Hillary gal. The Missouri U.S. Senator generated considerable publicity by becoming the first member of Congress to endorse Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.

As we recall, Sen. McCaskill was among the first to be on board the Barack Obama presidential bandwagon in his first run for president. However, when she ran for re-election last year, she didn’t go arm in arm with him around the state. In fact, she hardly made mention of him. It is interesting to note that she publically favored Obama over Hillary for the nomination for president in Obama’s first try for the White House.

Hillary has just retired from four years of globe-trotting as secretary of state. She traveled more than any other secretary of state in the history of this nation. Did the president want to keep her abroad? If so, why? That’s a question we’ve heard.

Sen. McCaskill said she came out for Hillary for the Democratic nomination in 2016 early as a move to encourage her to run. Hillary doesn’t need encouragement. She has a burning desire to be the first woman president. Although she has said she has not made up her mind, there’s a committee already formed to promote her candidacy.

Hillary’s record as secretary of state has been given above average grades. She’s a workhorse and can be as tough as any man. Was she handicapped by working under Obama?

One of the things we’ve heard quite often is that Hillary would have made a better president than Barack Obama. We would buy that branding. We hear quite often that Obama is smart. That may be true but he certainly lacks other attributes that a president must have. We could start with his feeble governing abilities. We could add that he’s been all talk with little or no followthrough. He was supposed to be the man who could work with Congress and would be a bridge builder between the White House and the Capitol. It hasn’t happened. There is more division now than when he assumed office. He promised change. It hasn’t happened.

Bill Clinton, who misses being in the White House, called Obama an “amateur” and wanted his wife to oppose him for re-election. According to published reports, Hillary said she would remain loyal to Obama even though she was not totally happy with the president’s administration.

As to the Hillary endorsement by Sen. McCaskill, is it too early? It was no surprise. Is it meant to discourage others from running? We don’t think so because while Sen. McCaskill is doing a creditable job, and certainly is a watchdog of the taxpayer dollar, speaking out on important issues, she has not commanded a national following.

If Hillary does run, and if elected, she will not forget that Sen. McCaskill was the first to endorse her for the Democratic nomination. If Hillary runs and loses out in the primary race, Sen. McCaskill may not find much favor with whomever the Democratic candidate is.

It always has to be remembered that strange relationships can be the rule rather than the exception in politics. As for endorsements, the impact usually is elusive!