With the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, and Mizzou’s football team undefeated, there is no escape from the sports talk. It’s a good thing and countless other cities and states wish they could be in similar circumstances. Add the prep sports talk into the mix and the conversation is richer and even more entertaining.

All of these sporting events are a welcome relief from the political wrangling fallout from our nation’s capital and from the strife worldwide.

It, of course, can be quite an emotional time. The Cardinals have one of the most interesting teams in their storied history. The team’s mixture of outstanding rookies and veterans makes for interesting baseball. The Mizzou Tigers have surprised most of the SEC teams and their followers. The Tigers also have surprised their fans with their spirited and skilled play. MU is an exciting team to watch, especially the defense.

The World Series is an economic shot in the arm for downtown St. Louis and the immediate area.

The Cardinals have all the ingredients to be a world champion. The best thing about the Cardinals’ success is that it is rewarding to their fans, the best in the baseball world.