There was a time when current events classes were almost a routine course for high school students. In talking to some of these students today, they said they have never attended a current events class, or even heard of such a course.

Years ago, current events classes included reading a daily newspaper to keep current on everyday happenings in our country. The news items were discussed, and that led to mild debates on the issues involved. The classes ignited high interest and when it came to government stories, it also was a lesson in American history and civics. During the war years, the classes were very educational in keeping up with the progress of our troops and what was going on in the domestic front.

These classes encouraged students to continue to keep up with current events after they left high school, went on to college, or entered the workforce.

Today students and young people generally use their cellphones and computer pads to get what little news they are interested in, including sports. They read mostly headlines and no indepth stories. As a result, they really don’t know what is going on in the world as to important issues. They live in a very limited world by their own choice. Nothing ever has inspired them to take a deep look into current events. One young lady told us she never reads a newspaper, listens to the news on the radio or television because it’s too depressing!

A current events class should be a requirement in every high school. Some schools do have such a class. Other former students said in journalism classes current events were stressed. We need to spark an interest in learning about important events that are occurring in our country. Since it’s a global environment today, what’s going on in other countries is important to learn and understand how those events relate to us.

Did you know that we have young people today who do not know the meaning of 9/11?