The Missouri General Assembly has passed a law and it has been signed by the governor that permits four-year terms for members of the city council. The council discussed the law at its meeting Monday night.

The council should take its time on this matter and not rush to a decision.

The terms are two years now and have been as far back as most elderly citizens can remember. The council has the option of passing an ordinance authorizing four-year terms, or it can hold an election on the length of terms. It also can do nothing.

Arguments can be made for or against four-year terms. The mayor’s term is for four years. Keeping the terms of council members at two years gives voters a better opportunity to hold them accountable, while a four-year term allows the opportunity for a member to gain more experience.

If a change is proposed, voters should have the opportunity to decide the matter. Two-year terms really haven’t been an issue in Washington.