Our leaders are optimistic that peaceful relations can be restored with Iran, which has a new leader who has reached out to the United States and other Western countries for talks in an effort for better relations. Iran has been suffering from economic sanctions imposed on it by the West.

The new president of Iran, Hasan Rouhani, is promoting reconciliation with the West. Time will tell if he really is interested in restoring peaceful relations.

The major barrier to peaceful relations is Iran’s nuclear program. Iran has expressed a willingness to negotiate on the nuclear issue.

The question is whether Iran really is serious in offerring to negotiate the nuclear issue. The Western nations, including the United States, are taking a cautious attitude toward talks that will begin this week.

For the world, it is good news that Iran has extended a friendly hand to the Western countries, which are optimistic that Iran really is serious about resuming peaceful relations. Iran has been on a road that eventually would lead to a war. Everybody hopes another war can be avoided.

It’s a matter of trust. Can Iran be trusted?