Politicians often do disgraceful things. Politicians often show ineptness in reacting to campaign rhetoric. An example of this is Sarah Steelman, Republican candidate for the nomination of U.S. senator.

She not only has exhibited ineptness but has shown a complete disregard and a lack of insight of what constitutes decency, even in politics. She has damaged herself from holding public office.

A supporter of Steelman, speaking in Springfield, said these threatening words about Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is seeking re-election: “Kill the Claire Bear!”

Steelman’s reaction: “I may disagree with the words Mr. Boston chose in his statement, but I understand his frustration and I emphatically support his right to express his views.” That’s an endorsement of her supporter, who now faces scrutiny by law enforcement officers because of his threatening words.

Steelman should have known better since as a state official she received threatening letters and even one of the message senders was arrested and convicted of harassment. How could she not recognize this as a possible threat made by her supporter?

We have considered Steelman a strong candidate for the nomination. She has been able to raise money for her campaign and there are those people who would like to see a conservative woman take on a woman who leans too far to the left on some issues. Steelman has standing in early polling numbers.

Steelman should have considered all of this before offering her thoughts (convictions?) on this matter.

Steelman should have denounced the threat and the man from St. Louis who uttered those words.