The news that Washington High School is moving toward establishment of a JROTC program as an optional course is encouraging. It is a program that will be beneficial to many students.

It’s a club activity at this time but it is expected to lead to the creation of a regular Army JROTC program in the future. The administration is cooperating along with the Army recruiting office here.

Principal Dr. Frank Wood especially is pleased that the students took the initiative to form a military club and it is meeting on a regular basis. Carla Campbell, a former Army officer and now a special education teacher, volunteered to lead club activities and its educational program. Right now the club is called the Future Soldiers of America Club but that may be shortened to Future JROTC for the next school year. The program is not solely for students who plan to enter the military. The program will teach personal leadership skills and discipline in addition to military subjects.

There still is research to be done and a number of other matters to be looked into before being certified as a bona fide Army military JROTC program. What the cost will be still is to be determined. And, the administration and board of education must give approval, along with the Army. But the indications are that a unit will be established in the future because there is obvious student interest and cooperation from the Army.

It is a program that some students will not be interested in, but similar programs in other high schools, such as St. Clair and Pacific, point to the high interest and benefits.

We salute the students and their leader for taking the initiative that should lead to the establishment of the program. We envision only positive results for the participants and for the school.