The new parking lot on Front Street, between Cedar and Stafford streets, is an impressive improvement with a long range impact. It is part of continuing efforts to improve the riverfront and the city’s historic core.

It was built for the present and future. In addition to serving businesses along Front Street, it will accommodate many of the one- and two-day tourists that are coming here in increasing numbers. It also will serve the local people who visit the downtown area for many of the special events that are held in the historic core of the city. There are more than 90 parking spaces.

This improvement was made for present needs and for the future.

The city rents the land from Union Pacific Railroad. The building of the team track at the end of West Main Street resulted in the removal of railroad side tracks and stored materials, which were located where part of the parking lot now stands. The city did some of the work on the project. It rocked and did other work before the $120,289.95 paving job could be done. That price also included the 48-inch-high black vinyl-coated chain-link fence that is being installed now. Sidewalk work also was done as part of the project.

The future for Front Street and the riverfront is bright. The parking lot enhanced the brightness!