The city of Washington won top honors in the national America in Bloom (AIB) contest. It was the third time the city has competed in the contest. To win the honors Washington did is outstanding.

The city won a five-bloom rating, which is the highest mark awarded in the national beautification contest. Washington also was given the highest award in the nation for its urban forestry program. No other community in the nation was awarded the category forestry award. The award recognizes six categories: floral displays, landscaped areas, urban forestry, environmental efforts, heritage preservation and overall impression.

Judges for the national contest visited Washington recently to view firsthand the city’s entries.

Competition is keen, to say the least, and it’s quite a tribute to the city to win this recognition.

There has been a resurgence in interest in Washington to beautify our surroundings. The success in the contest is testimony that a great deal of beautification work has been accomplished, along with education about the process. The Washington in Bloom Committee deserves credit for its tireless efforts in promoting beautification and urban forestry. Under the leadership of the co-chairs, Sally Bocklage and Dave Wehmeyer, the committee has enriched the community with its work. In addition, the committee’s work has brought national recognition to the city.

The Missourian, along with the citizens of the community, congratulate the committee for its excellent work. We are sure the committee will not rest on its laurels, and will continue efforts to beautify the city and to make the environment even more pleasing.