Has there ever been a more wacky world of politcs than what we are seeing now? Yeah, undoubtedly! Dumb things have been done in the past by politicians and members of their teams that fill volumes on book shelves.

The Bridgegate scandal unfolding in New Jersey tells a story of politics at its worse. Gov. Chris Christie is neck deep in the dirty water that may drown him and his presidential ambitions. He has spent the past few days denying any knowledge of a payback scheme against a mayor who did not support him. The tactic was to close lanes at the George Washington Bridge last September, causing a traffic tie-up to embarrass the mayor of Fort Lee.

Gov. Christie has been busy trying to clean up the mess after the release of emails and text messages that suggested Deputy Chief of Staff Bridgett Anne Kelly arranged the traffic jams to punish the Fort Lee mayor for not endorsing Christie for re-election. Kelly has been fired. Two other staff members resigned in the past few weeks. Christie is a Republican and the mayor of Fort Lee is a Democrat.

Christie has become popular for his blunt persona. His critics call him a bully. He has apologized for what happened.

At this time it appears that Christie’s presidential bid has been severely damaged. Whether the damage can be repaired remains to be seen.