As sure as trees and flowers will bloom, and grass will grow in the springtime, vandals will be out doing their despicable acts, such as destroying mailboxes. Last weekend, about 26 mailboxes on Bluff Road, just west of Washington, were destroyed or damaged by vandals.

This type of crime is not new. Such stupid acts of violence have occurred before. It is a federal crime to tamper with mailboxes. The penalties can be severe, and should be.

Mailboxes are expensive. To repair or buy and erect a new one is a major inconvenience to property owners.

This type of crime usually is committed by young people, some high on liquor or drugs, who drive around seeking what they can do to impress their peers. A senseless act such as this indicates a lack of maturity and a high level of stupidity.

The sheriff’s office is asking for cooperation from citizens in providing information as to the identity of these criminals who destroyed or damaged mailboxes along Bluff Road last Friday night and early Saturday morning. Anybody with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 636-583-2560. Callers can remain anonymous.

When these criminals are apprehended and convicted, the most severe punishment possible should be ordered by the judge. Our courts need to send a message that these types of crimes will not be tolerated!