In the aftermath of yet another horrific school shooting some people, including our president, are suggesting we arm our teachers. We think that’s a bad idea. Teachers don’t want guns, they want and need more resources.

Before we buy guns and train our teachers on how to use them, which alone could cost hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, let’s instead give our schools more counselors and social workers, who would help identify struggling students and their families.

Let’s hire more teachers, including support personnel, to reduce class sizes so teachers can get to know their students better and spend more time on making sure all students understand the material and get the education they deserve.

Let’s hire more librarians, art teachers and music instructors so our children have more opportunities to express themselves and thrive.

Let’s invest in more school-based programs on bullying prevention, mental health, depression and drug addiction.

Let’s hire more school resource officers who are trained to protect and serve, and who develop relationships with students.

Our educators would be far better equipped with these types of resources and many more than with any guns.

We don’t believe having more guns in schools would curtail the number of school shootings or even stop a shooter intent on killing. We think there instead would be an increased chance for accidents, opportunities for the bad guy to take and use that gun, and confusion among first responders on determining the good guy from the bad guy.

Teachers don’t need guns, they need more resources to do their job — which is to actually be able to teach.