The Franklin County Area United Way held a victory celebration party last week — it was a thank you and recognition event for all the donors who made the drive successful.

Special recognition went to the major gift-givers, but the heart and soul of the annual campaign are the thousands of donors who believe in the united way of giving to member agencies. Recognition went to all the many volunteers associated with the United Way.

The United Way is fortunate to have a steady stream of volunteers, who carry on the program and tradition that began in the 1950s as the Community Chest. As one generation of capable leaders retires another one surfaces and meets the challenge of steeper goals, year after year.

The spirit is everlasting just as is the needs of member agencies, which with their services reach a major portion of the population in Franklin County.

Every dollar donated helps in meeting the goal, which was surpassed this year. A record-breaking $1,287,000 was raised, which was $122,000 over the goal, and $57,122 more than was collected in 2017.

The top 10 donor-companies brought in 49 percent of the amount raised. That’s quite a tribute to the mission of the United Way. It also is a commitment to the betterment of this area.

All in all, the Franklin County Area United Way’s success is but a reflection of the generous people in this area. They care about the agencies that are members of the United Way, and it is their way of giving a salute to the good they do.