Kathleen Parker has an interesting column on this page about the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, which includes the president, of course. People around here could care less about the event. But it is additional evidence of the changing times.

It used to be the correspondents and the president, politicians and a few others at the dinner. It was light-hearted, allowing journalists and politicians to mingle, as Parker put it. Now it has gone Hollywood. It’s becoming almost like Oscar Awards night. The stars show up with their fancy dresses and it’s glamour night.

We applaud Tom Brokaw and The New York Times. They have boycotted the event. Brokaw said the nature of it now is “celebrity-driven.” The Times stopped sending its reporters to the event several years ago, saying the media shouldn’t be partying with the people it covers.

Of course, the big names in the media world, such as the top television anchors and hosts of talk shows, have become celebrities. They are right at home with the stars of the screen.

The sad thing about many of the changes we live with today is they are shallow, purpose is misdirected, the past is ignored, selfishness is rampant, and phoniness reigns.