ost people hate to keep hitting a dead horse but we say the commissioner of the Office of Administration, Sarah Steelman, did the right thing in denying to pay some legal bills for the ex-Gov. Eric Greitens.

Private attorneys represented Greitens in the potential impeachment proceedings that occurred before he resigned. The bills totaled about $180,000.

Steelman said it appears the primary beneficiary of the lawyers’ work was Greitens individually and the attorneys weren’t needed for the governor’s office itself. She provided the Associated Press copies of letters to the attorneys denying $118,067 of invoices from a Kansas City law firm and $64,097 of invoices from a Connecticut-based law firm. The attorneys said they were hired by Greitens to represent the governor’s office. Greitens also had attorneys representing him in his personal capacity, the AP reported.

Greitens has no one to blame but himself for all of his legal problems and the costs incurred.

It usually doesn’t make any sense to keep hitting a man when he’s down, but Steelman has a responsibility to the people of Missouri when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money.

We wonder what the ex-governor cost the taxpayers with all of his problems, and the time spent by government officials in dealing with the problems caused by him.

Steelman is a former Republican state treasurer and state senator who was appointed to her present post by Greitens when he became governor in 2017. She is continuing in her present role under Gov. Mike Parson.

The law firms that are owed money by Greitens may sue to be paid.

Greitens may be gone but his scandal overflow is still making the news.