The American Legion is in its 100th year and it has a proud history of being a force for veterans and the country. It is one of the most influential organizations in the United States.

Discussions for forming The American Legion began in March 1919 when members of the American Expeditionary Force convened in Paris after World War I.

Enter St. Louis where 100 years ago this week, May 8-10, 1919, during the caucus of World War I veterans, The American Legion was adopted as the organization’s official name. The Legion’s draft preamble and constitution also were approved.

Then on June 9, 1919, the national executive committee adopted the Legion emblem. In September 1919, Congress chartered The American Legion as a patriotic veterans organization.

Today the membership stands at more than 2 million with 13,000 Posts worldwide.

The American Legion has a rich history in influencing social change in this country, along with winning hundreds of benefits for veterans, and organizing many important programs for children and older youths. The organization has an impressive record in promoting patriotism. It, and other veterans’ organizations, remind us of America’s rich heritage and traditions. These organizations keep us aware of the sacrifices that were made by veterans, and that duty, honor and country are vital in protecting our freedoms.

We congratulate The American Legion and all it stands for. It has kept the patriotic fire burning!