This is the season when people are busy preparing for the holidays. With the hurry-up environment, it also is the time when drivers become more aggressive.

In addition to the law enforcement agencies issuing warnings about aggressive drivers, there are private groups that do the same thing. All of the agencies are concerned about the safety of motorists, their passengers and pedestrians.

One of these groups is GasBuddy, a company that connects drivers with their Perfect Pit Stops. It also is concerned with fuel prices.

It released a report on the 10 states that have the most aggressive holiday drivers. Missouri is not in the top 10.

GasBuddy’s research revealed the states with the most aggressive holiday drivers:

Georgia, California, Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Mississippi and Oklahoma, with Georgia being the worst.

Listed also were the five states with the least aggressive drivers: Hawaii, Alaska, District of Columbia, Montana and Vermont.

GasBuddy said not only is aggressive driving dangerous but it is the quickest way to lower gasoline mileage by as much as 40 percent.

Listed as the most aggressive “events” in aggressive driving were hard braking, speeding and acceleration.

If the reader gives holiday aggressive driving a thought as to their own driving, many will agree it happens!