Gov. Eric Greitens has signed Senate Bill 5, the so-called abortion reform bill, which has some controversial provisions. There are important measures that the pro-life advocates are pleased with.

The bill provides that adoption clinics would be exempted from any city code barring discrimination against women on the basis of whether they take birth control or have an abortion. Also the bill states there be a 72-hour waiting period for an abortion, annual state inspections of abortion clinics, and new whistleblower protections for employees of abortion clinics.

One of the controversial provisions allows the Missouri attorney general to intervene in local abortion law cases.

The Senate debate and filibuster was cut off when the Senate Republican leadership elected to use a procedural motion called the “previous question” to immediately stop all debate and end the delay caused by Democrats. It’s a good bill.

The special session of the General Assembly has ended and lawmakers will be back in Jefferson City Sept. 12 for the mandated veto session.