The Franklin County Area United Way campaign is off to a good start and officials are optimistic that it will be successful.

The reason they are optimistic is because there is wide recognition in the county of the impact the money raised has on the lives of people. The county has approximately 101,000 people and an estimated 65,000 of those people are touched by the results of the annual campaign. No other fundraising campaign has the total impact that the United Way has on people in this area.

The reason the United Way has such a long reach to people is because there are 53 member agencies that bring services to people. These services range from fulfilling needs of people struggling because of their status in life, to recreational benefits for young and old. In between that range, just about every need present is cared for and boosted by a United Fund agency.

It is disturbing to think of what would happen if we didn’t have the United Way!

Agency members are screened as to meeting their mission goals, and how the money is used. Funds raised are not just doled out without careful scrutiny by Fund officials. There has never been any misuse of funds given to member agencies as far as can be determined in the history of the organization.

The United Way in the county has been blessed with enlightened leadership and volunteers down through the years of its existence.

The contributors and their continued generosity is greatly appreciated by all of us who benefit from the United Way. The theme for this year is appropriate:

“Improving Lives Together — Will You Be the 1 to Help.” 

The goal this year is $1,111,111.  It will be met. We say that because of our confidence in all of the volunteers and the contributors who recognize the value in meeting needs together.