The Better Business Bureau issued a warning about questionable charities that supposedly raise money to help veterans.

With Veterans Day this weekend, this is a time to be on guard for charities that promote themselves as giving to and helping veterans’ causes. The Better Business Bureau said give to veterans but do it wisely.

In recent years, the BBB has issued warnings about charities that have failed to live up to their promises of providing assistance to veterans. The BBB said some of them devote more money to raising funds than to helping veterans. Some of these charities were not willing to reveal how their funds were spent or the amount of help actually given to veterans.

Around Veterans Day is a time people focus on veterans and want to help them. People can check out the charitable organizations at

It always is a good idea to check out charitable organizations before making a donation. The BBB tells people to ask for printed documentation on how much of a gift will go for program services, for fundraising and management expenses. When possible donate directly to a charity and not to a fundraising telemarketer or to a direct mail solicitation.

Don’t succumb to pressure or give money on the spot. Before making online donations, try to determine if the website is secure and that it has a privacy policy concerning the use of your name, email address or other personal facts. Ask questions.

Check with with the BBB for a charity review of the organization requesting a donation.

Be wise in making any donation.