im Jong-un apparently got the best of President Donald Trump in their talks. President Trump vowed to end military drills with South Korea and he wants to remove 28,500 American troops from the South.

That would be a mistake!

Doesn’t he know you can’t trust the North Koreans?

The dealmaker was outsmarted. You can’t trust what Kim offered to do in exchange for removing the American troops and ending the joint military drills. We don’t think the North plans to end its nuclear weapons buildup. What about verification?

We feel sorry for the South Korean people. If our troops are pulled out by President Trump, they will have no security.

Why did the North change direction? Was it the sanctions? Was it because China gave Kim the orders to talk to Trump?

Our president wanted a deal with the North to satisfy his ego and reputation as a great dealmaker.

Of course, President Trump could change directions, as he often does on issues, and only time will be the final judge.