ats off and a salute to the Washington Rotary Club, the city, parks department, assisted by many other volunteers, who conducted the Riverfront Trail Day Wednesday for seniors and physically disabled people. The 14th annual event was a day seniors and the disabled looked forward to because it “gets them out” to see what’s going on along the riverfront and in the Lions Lake and fairgrounds areas.

There were about 2,000 participants, including the many volunteers, who enjoyed the day, with the mild weather a cooperating force.

There were trams that transported the attendees along the riverfront in Downtown Washington and around Lions Lake. The tram trips were narrated, there were wheelchair escorts, lunch was served at the lake/fairgrounds and bingo was played. Transportation was provided to the event to residents of the city.

The Riverfront Trail Day was started by Barb Hellmann and Sharon Monzyk. 

It’s a day that the attendees remember with tender affection.