With the Republicans holding on to the Senate and the House with a Democratic majority, are we going to see a do-nothingism environment in Congress the next two years?

Will there be compromises on important issues such as health care and immigration? Will the Democrats divide the country more with endless investigations of President Donald Trump? Will President Trump’s remaining promises be tied up with bitter partisanship squabbles? What about the trade wars? Foreign relations?

Are we going to have what President Harry Truman called in 1948 a do-nothing Congress? There are signs pointing in that direction.

It is going to be a huge challenge for President Trump to move his agenda forward.

Some Democrats will continue to jockey to put themselves in position for a run for president in 2020. They know if they can harass and damage President Trump in any way, it will enhance their campaigns for president. That’s the political way!

We don’t look forward to the next two years of political fighting. Is it going to be all meanness and a continued lack of civility?

Americans hope for something better. But is it possible in the political jungle?

It is difficult to cling to hope for a better America. But we can’t abandon hope. We must remember that when the sun comes up for another day, conditions may be better.