The U.S. Senate’s vote to block President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration on our southern border was bad enough, but the fact that 12 Republicans joined Democrats in opposing Trump was an added punch to the president’s midsection.

The president has vowed to veto the Democratic measure and there may not be enough votes to override the veto. The House had already approved the measure.

Missouri’s Republican senators were split on the vote. Sen. Roy Blunt voted with the Democrats and the freshman Josh Hawley voted with the president on the issue. The Senate vote was 59-41 to cancel the emergency declaration.

Sen. Blunt said he didn’t think the emergency declaration was necessary and there are other avenues the president could have pursued to execute his plan for border security. Sen. Blunt said he didn’t want to see a court case on the president’s authority to declare an emergency. Hawley supported the president because he said there is a crisis at the border and he believes the president has the authority to declare an emergency.

Sen. Blunt has supported the president on most issues in his quiet and deliberate manner. Sen. Hawley had the president’s support in his win over Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill.

In the end, with his veto power, it appears President Trump probably will be the winner.