Veteran members of the U.S. House said they had never seen anything like it before. It may have been a “first” in the U.S. House chamber. It’s understandable why it happened.

Bayer’s recent announcement it’s moving 500 high-paying jobs from Raleigh, N.C., to Creve Coeur is the biggest economic development story so far this year for the St. Louis region.

If nothing else the vote to impeach President Donald Trump that failed in the House the past week indicated the division in the Democratic Party. It was a lopsided 332-95 defeat. It was the first vote on removing Trump since the Democrats took control of the House this year.

For every great event, especially a first of its kind, there are the background workers, the behind the scenes crews, unsung heroes who made it happen.

If military veterans are a bit confused about what’s happened with a proposed new veterans’ home in the state, it is understandable.

Political observers close to the scene in Washington, D.C., some of them liberals, have issued warnings about the Democratic uprising by members of Congress who they say could re-elect Donald Trump. Several House Democrats who advocate change right now are feuding with House leader Nancy Pel…

An issue that has bounced around the state Legislature for years is the requirement of wearing a helmet by motorcycle riders. The latest action in this issue is that Gov. Mike Parson vetoed a bill that would have allowed some motorcycle riders to drive without helmets.

From his day one in office, Gov. Mike Parson has had as a priority economic development and workforce development. He has had the support of members of the General Assembly and business, including the Missouri Chamber of Commerce.

Probably today’s younger generation never heard of the GI Bill. It was a very significant happening in American history. The benefits from it changed the lives of thousands of military veterans.

Suicide is the No. 1 cause of death for police officers in the United States and up to now Congress has failed to fund grant programs to curb the deaths.

With the countdown for the Washington Town & Country Fair in progress, with the 2019 event’s theme being a catchy “Cheers to 90 Years,” and with a Missourian story Wednesday about preparations, one could not escape the thought that the August Fair really is a family affair.

With the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic moon walk near, thoughts can be many. One is the large number of great Americans who have come from small towns — rural America.

The Missouri Conservation Department is gathering public feedback on proposed hikes in hunting and fishing fees.

Every guardian who accompanies a military veteran on Franklin County Honor Flights to Washington, D.C., to view war memorials is doing a great service to those who served our country. But now that Junior ROTC cadets from Franklin County are doing it, well, that is special for the veterans an…

The city of Washington and Franklin County have decided to sell the 29.2 acres in the east part of the city that they had said earlier they would donate to the state for a new home for veterans.

Our salute goes to the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, who had the courage to speak out about another slam at our flag and country.

Even his enemies give credit to President Donald Trump for his knack and understanding of showmanship. He’s good at it. He may have been born with his sense of the dramatic, which includes timing of the spectacular.

foundation ranks Missouri as 28th of 50 states in child well-being this year, a slight decline in rank from 26th in the 2018 report. This is according to KIDS COUNT Data Book, released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

As the state discloses more information on Franklin County medical marijuana business applications, the reality that pot will soon be available for purchase here legally is hitting home.

Most newspapers and other media outlets have policies to deal with photos of a sensitive nature — such as death scenes where a body or bodies are shown. Most are not shown, especially of dead children. Exceptions are made.

We can understand why U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay of St. Louis County filed legislation that would allow local governments to enact stricter gun laws without the approval of the General Assembly.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has so many highway improvements needs, and is falling behind every day, that the priorities are piling up, reaching the height of the state Capitol dome.

Finally a humanitarian aid bill to help migrants has been approved by Congress. All that is needed for the legislation to go into effect is President Donald Trump’s signature

The introduction of the Democratic candidates to Americans via television on two nights was a demonstration of trying to cover too much too quickly and with so many White House seekers it was impossible for fairness to abound.

Among the 50 states, what does Missouri lead the pack in? Anything? Can you name one thing that Missouri is in the top five among the states?

News coverage in a newspaper is out in the open and such exposure makes it a target of criticism from a wide range of the populace. Some criticism can be warranted, but certainly not all the critics carry a fair deck.

Reports out of Jefferson City say State Auditor Nicole Galloway, a Democrat, plans to run for governor in 2020. She has not formally announced she will run.

The ruling by a Cole County circuit judge that the state must make public the identities of applicants who seek to sell medical marijuana was a victory for the people. By keeping the records secret, it was a violation of the Sunshine Law.

The Missouri Budget Project and more than 40 Missouri organizations have urged the Trump administration to reject a change to a poverty measure that would ultimately cut vital health care, child care, food and other aid to Missourians struggling to make ends meet. That’s from Amy Blouin, pre…

There are countless eyes and ears around the world focused on President Donald Trump as to how he handles the Iran situation. So far his handling of it is typical Trump reaction. A decision made. A decision rescinded the next day.

Many property owners, residential and commercial, are unhappy with their tax assessments, saying they are unfair, too high and result in higher taxes paid. County assessors have a difficult job and we believe most of them try to do the best job possible.

We all know how war and violence kill military personnel and civilians. But little is written about the displacement of people by wars and violence.

Americans receive millions of address labels a year, many from groups raising money for different causes. One man said he has received enough labels for two more lifetimes.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Trump administration have rescinded the Obama coal-fired power plant rules aimed at reducing pollution from them.

A study published this week revealed the suicide rate among Americans ages 15 to 24 years old has risen 51 percent over the past decade.

The fact that St. Louis and Kansas City, and other large cities in the state, have sections that are not safe reflects on all of Missouri.

St. Louis has never seen anything like the celebration Saturday for the Blues winning the top prize in professional hockey — the Stanley Cup.

Plastic surrounds us. Plastic products are used in our everyday life. We can’t get far from plastic. We are addicted to plastic products which have replaced items that cost more and can be less durable.

If for no other reason, consideration should be given to eliminating presidential primary elections due to the cost. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, Missouri’s top election official, favors doing away with the presidential primaries, held every four years.

There aren’t many countries in the world that do not have protests flaming from unhappy residents over an issue or two. China has a major uproar going on right now in Hong Kong.

The state is moving in the right direction on infrastructure budget bills signed by Gov. Mike Parson the past week.

There is no way to measure what the Stanley Cup championship won by the St. Louis Blues means to the city and to the fans — it’s that great.

The Missouri General Assembly passed a tough anti-abortion bill in its past session and Gov. Mike Parson signed the legislation.

Although most of the D-Day attention focused on the exploits of male military personnel, in that historic battle and many others, women also had important roles in World War II and other wars America has fought.

House Democrats in their minds already have found President Donald Trump guilty of obstruction of justice as hearings open on the Mueller Report.

It looks like it’s going to be up to the city of Union, the Union Special Road District and Franklin County to leap over the highest hurdle in improving Highway 47 — the intersection of 47 and Highway 50 in Union.

There are a few warning signs that the overall economy is fragile. One of the signs is the Labor Department report that hiring weakened in May.

Health care systems are like most businesses today when it comes to the need for skilled employees. They also are growth industries.

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