Early in 2020, the Franklin County Commission is expected to vote on proposed changes to the zoning code. If it approves the changes proposed, Franklin County residents can say goodbye to zoning and protection of their properties. The changes are that extreme!

What best describes politics — interesting, controversial, loose with the truth, creator of unexpected bedfellows, a “no” means “yes,” corruption breeder, builder of strange alliances, speculation motivated, money inhaler, home of the ambitious and to be avoided. Probably all will be found i…

It’s not the end of the sports world at Mizzou, but the NCAA sent messages about itself when its appeals committee and the committee on infractions upheld sanctions against three programs — football, baseball and softball.

Ground was broken this past week for the new $1.7 billion National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) facility in St. Louis that employs 3,000 people with better than average pay.

n agenda item that has been around a long time was given a verbal awakening when the Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee met this past week.

In talking to a number of people, almost all said they don’t bother to look at the Democratic presidential “debates” because they are more of the same promises being made.

It's always is interesting to take a look back to see what was going on at this time of the year a long time ago. Looking back 50 years ago in The Missourian was especially interesting because in November 1969 was when the Franklin County courthouse was bombed to divert attention from an arm…

We have so many volunteers to be thankful for and to the organizations they represent that it’s tough to know where to begin in expressing thanks.

The year’s Scouting for Food drive was highly successful, and it was another reminder of the outstanding work of volunteers, young and adults, that we have in this area.

A federal judge has upheld the University of Missouri’s ban on carrying concealed guns on campus. It was a commonsense ruling.

Forecasters in the population arena seem to be in agreement on one thing — that is, the continuation of growth in people living longer will pose challenging issues for future generations. Advances in medical treatments already have impacted longevity. The implications are that the prospects …

The state has a problem with the tax incentives it offered General Motors so it would invest in its Wentzville truck and van assembly plant. Lawmakers agreed to $50 million in tax breaks. Later, as part of a deal to end a strike, GM agreed to invest $1.5 billion in the plant and said it woul…

The state is giving a high priority to the enforcement of laws that ban selling vaping products to minors.

Has there ever been a period in world history when there has been so much unrest in countries? From Bolivia to Paris, to Hong Kong to Iran, and in other countries there are protests about a smorgasbord of issues. People are unhappy yet many are better off in their standard of living than eve…

It was a sad occasion but the compassionate outpouring in the form of a funeral procession of sports cars for a 14-year-old youth was a heartwarming experience for this area.

As revisions to Franklin County’s Planning and Zoning code are being debated, there are vital facts to be considered. The one that stands above and beyond all others is that zoning is supposed to protect existing property values. If it fails to do that the code isn’t worth the paper it is pr…

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced that the amount of water being released from dams upriver will be reduced later this month. That’s good news for this area and other parts of the state that are near the Missouri River.

The girls volleyball team at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School has joined an elite group, winner of a state championship. It is the 11th time the Borgia girls have won a volleyball state title in their class.

There are many Americans who have been turned off by the Big Show in Washington, D.C., the impeachment hearings, because they know the producers, the Democratic Party, have already reached a guilty conclusion as to President Trump’s acts with Ukraine. What the president did was not the brigh…

Every year it seems there is apprehension that the Franklin County Area United Way will not quite reach its goal. Not to worry because the people and companies respond and more often than not, the goal is surpassed.

One of the saddest commentaries about many Americans of today’s generation is their lack of a basic knowledge of American history. Take government. History tells us what has worked and what hasn’t in government, not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well.

Americans can add one more worry to their growing list — many of our dams are deficient and thousands of people living downstream from them live in a hazardous location.

When Washington voters said “yes” for renewal of the capital improvement sales tax, a new municipal swimming pool was high on their list of projects they felt strongly about. In the coming year, a new aquatics complex will be advanced.

There are heavy hearts weighed down with sorrow at The Missourian with the passing of Rita Kuchem, a longtime associate whose loyalty to this newspaper and its owners was unequaled. Her sudden death was a shock, especially since she attended a company service awards social just two nights be…

The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961 and it came down Nov. 9,1989 — it was a historic structure separating West Berlin from East Berlin. It was erected to keep East Germans from defecting to West Germany.

It’s all about money, a die-hard supporter said about the state of college sports today. Money can corrupt. College sports is infected with the corruption disease. Not all of the programs, of course, but enough of them to cause worry and a degree of lost respect.

We read with interest about how a declining birth rate in South Korea has become a national security issue for that country’s military. Why is it important?

The annual observance of Veterans Day rolls around rather quickly, especially if you are an older military veteran. The recognition given to veterans today is outstanding, highly pleasing to the men and women who served their country in the military.

People are buckling up at the best rate since a survey that began in 1998 has been conducted.

We learned a long time ago that trust has to be earned, especially in the newspaper industry. The answer is simple how trust is earned in reporting news. By being accurate!

In spite of the impeachment hearing which has inundated Congress and the media, and with all the other negatives about President Donald Trump, the commander in chief remains popular with many, many Americans.

Alcohol breath tests conducted by law enforcement agencies, often are unreliable, according to an investigation by The New York Times, which concluded “these machines can put you in jail. Don’t trust them.”

On this page in his column, Marc A. Thiessen asks whether former Vice President Joe Biden, if elected president, would have agreed to the mission that led to the killing of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Even being totally objective (if that’s possible), the city of Washington’s dispute with the Washington Special Road District over funding both parties have positive points. This column is not an effort to please both sides because that’s probably not possible. But it is true that solid argu…

The Washington Historical Society has a strong foundation but would like to increase its membership to make it even stronger.

Union’s city engineer, Jonathan Zimmermann, at a meeting of the Franklin County Transportation Committee last week, asked representatives of other Franklin County municipalities to not seek transportation funding from the East-West Gateway Council of Governments to clear the funding path for…

Missouri’s junior U.S. senator, Josh Hawley, and another senator introduced a bill that would move most federal agencies’ headquarters out of Washington, D.C., to economically distressed regions across the country. Its title is Helping Infrastructure Restore the Economy (Hire) Act.

It has gone down as one of the most bizarre happenings in the history of Washington. A homeless young man found his way into city hall, slept there for a couple of weeks, used city vehicles for joyriding, ate employees’ food and helped himself to any petty cash that he could find.

For those who believe Missouri is mired in the quicksand of mediocrity, a blue ribbon panel has just issued a report that has the answer to kickstart the Show-Me State out of its doldrums — a hyperloop.

Remember after World War II when military veterans were welcomed home and organizations such as the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) were flush with members and their homes were centers for leisure time activities, meetings, benefit affairs and celebrations of all kinds?

In a stunning capitulation to a drug cartel, Mexican President Lopez Obrador, agreed last week to release a son of the infamous drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman after gunmen took over a major Mexican city.

State Rep. Holly Rehder has pledged to prefile a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) bill for the 2020 legislative session.

The Franklin County Area United Way campaign is entering its final days and is about at the halfway point in reaching its goal of $1.2 million.

t’s a scandal that has rocked the sports scene at the high school level in the St. Louis area — perhaps statewide. Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School has suspended its football program for the season, fired its entire coaching staff in the sport, after it was learned the school had vio…

Elizabeth Warren, candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, is known as the candidate with all the answers and solutions, but she has been dodging answers as to tax hikes to pay for her proposed programs. Moving ahead of former vice president Joe Biden in some recent polls, Warr…

We have several very busy and hazardous intersections in Franklin County and if ranking them as to which one is a No. 1 priority for improvement, the Highway 47-Highway 50 intersection in Union comes to the front in many minds.

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