From a policy standpoint, you can argue the efficacy of raising the minimum wage in urban centers like St. Louis and Kansas City.

From prekindergarten to college, graduation programs are being held. It’s the season. It’s a time to look ahead to try and see what’s in store for graduates.

It’s 25 years old and still strong — the Sister City Partnership between Washington and Marbach am Neckar, Germany.

Experience has taught us to temper our expectations when it comes to the Missouri Legislature. That reticence was borne out again as the regular session of the 99th General Assembly concluded on Friday.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has opened the comment period on the draft of its 2018-2022 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). It was presented to the highway commission recently.

Of all the “days” to recognize and remember people, places and organizations, none compare to Mother’s Day.

It was disheartening to see Missouri lawmakers slash funding for the Missouri Partnership in the waning days of this legislative session.

We have followed the efforts by  Missouri’s U.S.  senators to rename the Washington, D.C., Union Station after President Harry S. Truman. Their efforts have been unsuccessful so far. 

A front page story in the Wall Street Journal last week on how predatory drug companies are sharply raising prices of older medicines was overshadowed by coverage of the House’s passage of a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

After hours of contentious debate Monday evening, the Missouri House passed a bill that restores some common sense to discrimination lawsuits.

After much wrangling and arm-twisting by the president, the U.S. House passed the American Health Care Act, AHCA, Thursday afternoon.

Years of planning will come to fruition this Sunday, May 7, when the Disabled Veterans Memorial is dedicated.

Probably the best thing that could happen to the United States’ nuclear dispute with North Korea is for Kim Jong Un’s government to lose its support from China.  Relations between North Korea and China have been deteriorating for the past year. 

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There’s a bill that has been approved in the Missouri House and is awaiting Senate approval that would create four adult high schools in the state. The objective is to improve Missouri’s high school graduation rate, which is slightly below the national average.

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We pay a price for living along beautiful streams and rivers. On a fairly regular basis, they overflow, causing devastation that becomes etched in our memories of tragic events.

The selection of Jim Briggs, former city administrator, as grand marshal of the Washington Town and Country Fair parade was an excellent choice. Briggs retired earlier this month after serving 41 years as city administrator.

The Franklin County Homeless Task Force has set up two Little Free Food Pantries in Washington — one at Rennick Riverfront Park and another at the South Point Elementary pavilion. We think it’s a great idea and hopefully more will follow in other areas.

The Missourian’s hat is off to Washington Middle School’s Max Grimes, who won the Spelling Bee contest held recently at East Central College. The eighth-grader was the last standing speller among 34 other competitors.

With little fanfare, Gov. Eric Greitens appointed W. Brent Powell to the Missouri Supreme Court this past week.

In a surprise visit to the Missouri House Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt summed up the U.S. Supreme Court case argued the same day challenging Missouri’s Blaine Amendment.

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Hello, I’m submitting a letter to the editor for consideration on behalf of Kathy Mueckl for the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank. Please see below for the full letter, written in honor of Mother’s Day and highlighting the importance of umbilical cord blood donation. We look forward to hearing your feedback! Very best, Katie McCombie, Be the Match, 804-675-8142.

The impact of the approval of Proposition P in St. Louis County April 4 will likely reach past the countyline.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly injected some sanity in a timely debate last Sunday when he said that marijuana is not a factor in the war on drugs.

The Washington City Council made a statement that art in the downtown district has value.

President Donald Trump’s travel to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach has cost over an estimated $20 million in his first 80 days as president, putting him on the fast track to outspend former President Barack Obama’s spending on travel for his entire eight years. The president has spent 21 of those 80 days at his private resort.

We love the idea of a public mural in Downtown Washington, which attracts local residents and tourists year-round.

The Missourian has covered the death of a Union woman in Mexico, and subsequent trial of a St. Clair man since her death in March 2016. 

Placing free-food boxes around Washington won’t eliminate hunger in our community but could provide a critical safety net for those experiencing food insecurity.

For 10 years, Franklin County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Inc. has been helping some of our community’s most vulnerable victims — abused, neglected and abandoned children. In that time, the nonprofit program has provided advocacy services for 415 children who are under the protection of the juvenile courts.

There isn’t much said or written about extremists in both major political parties being one of the root causes for the turmoil happening in our nation’s capital.

As the battle over a national health care plan wages on, there is one point that we rarely hear about — charity. People without insurance are not denied health care.

Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri faced a tough decision on the confirmation vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. In finally making a decision, she made one of the worst in her political career. Bowing to radical Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer, the liberal from New York, sh…

Firemen, both volunteer and paid, are a courageous group of individuals who seem to  have been born to lead a way of life to protect others and to make sacrifices to ensure the safety of others. Dedicated falls short to describe what they train to do.

For decades parents have urged their children to earn a college degree. Nothing wrong with that. Many of the parents did not have the opportunity to attend college and they wanted their children to have a degree.

Many Americans are upset about President Donald Trump’s budget proposals. They should remember they are only proposals and may go down in flames  in Congress.

When Bob Parks leaves the position of Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney at the end of next year, he will have set a record that may never be topped. He will have served 20 years in the position, longer than anybody else in the county’s history.

Never in the lifetimes of many Americans have our intelligence agencies had such a credibility problem. We don’t know what to believe except that there have been many leaks and the agencies have been involved in politics.

We were sorry to learn of the departure of two Sisters of Mercy from Mercy Hospital Washington. Sisters Michaelanne and Reine Marie have moved to Catherine’s Residence in St. Louis County.

The University of Missouri’s new president, Mun Choi, believes in private-public partnerships to help bring new sources of revenue and investment to the campus.

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Ihas become one of those American traditions, part social, part sports, and a coveted prize. It is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament championship, with the winner being the national king of the hardwood.


The United States Supreme Court really can’t dodge accusations that justices are of a certain political bent, and regardless of the law, their interpretations of the law can carry a shade of whatever political persuasion is present in their minds.

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