When Bob Parks leaves the position of Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney at the end of next year, he will have set a record that may never be topped. He will have served 20 years in the position, longer than anybody else in the county’s history.

Never in the lifetimes of many Americans have our intelligence agencies had such a credibility problem. We don’t know what to believe except that there have been many leaks and the agencies have been involved in politics.

We were sorry to learn of the departure of two Sisters of Mercy from Mercy Hospital Washington. Sisters Michaelanne and Reine Marie have moved to Catherine’s Residence in St. Louis County.

The University of Missouri’s new president, Mun Choi, believes in private-public partnerships to help bring new sources of revenue and investment to the campus.

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Ihas become one of those American traditions, part social, part sports, and a coveted prize. It is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament championship, with the winner being the national king of the hardwood.


The United States Supreme Court really can’t dodge accusations that justices are of a certain political bent, and regardless of the law, their interpretations of the law can carry a shade of whatever political persuasion is present in their minds.

The suspension of Lt. Tim Raines as the instructor of the Naval JROTC program that includes both Washington High School and St. Francis Borgia Regional High School students has resulted in revelations from other former faculty members who were dismissed, really fired, from the faculty at WHS. Lt. Raines was a paid instructor of the school district.

Are our policies toward North Korea and those of the North toward the U.S. about to explode into a war? What will China do? It has been quite clear that China doesn’t want a war, yet has made commitments to the North.

bill in the Missouri Senate would give voters the opportunity to vote for a small sales tax to support the St. Louis Zoo.

It is easy to come to the conclusion that anything and everything on the internet can be hacked. There is no safety guarantee.

An interesting discussion emerged at the regular monthly meeting of the Washington Civic Industrial Corporation Thursday. It had to do with promoting Franklin County as a place to live and to locate a business or industry.

We hope President Donald Trump has learned by now that he can’t bully the media. His outbursts have energized the media to do its job as best it can regardless of the verbal attacks from the White House. 

An issue that is long overdue for a solution is a law to protect public school teachers and administrators from abuse from unruly students.

National Sunshine Week is being observed March 12-18 and no one needs to be reminded about openness in government more than our new governor, Eric Greitens, and a number of other public officials.

The University of Missouri System has handed out more than $2 million in hidden bonuses to administrators over the last three years. It has paid former Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin thousands of dollars in the months after his forced resignation with no work responsibility, according to an audit released Monday by state Auditor Nicole Galloway.

Backers of President Donald Trump demonstrated in rallies around the country Saturday, including in Missouri. The protests were in response to the anti-Trump protests

A Mommy babies world is one of the byproducts of a society that has grown soft on many things. One is that if a parent complains about their child being mistreated by a coach, teacher, playground supervisor, little league coach, anybody running some type of program that includes children participants, Mommy baby is right and the person who supervised the child is wrong. Period.

Every night before we go to bed, and every morning when we get up, it seems President Donald Trump is engaged in another controversy. There seems to be no end to claims against him and charges he makes. It’s a political battle that gives no signs of ending soon.

President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress this past Tuesday surprised some of his critics. His remarks were presidential at times and his delivery overall was good. His words were clear and American to the core.

Like many other entities in the United States, Franklin County has a pressing issue — a jail too small to handle the growing criminal and suspect population.

There has been an increasing number of politicians, from the president on down, who have been accused of lying, with the usual denial responses, but a check of records prove they did lie. On the hot seat now is our own Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has accused others of not telling the whole truth and Republicans gleefully say she has been caught in a lie.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is concerned about boating activities near the site of the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington.

More than a few citizens are wondering about a bill passed by the Missouri House that would permit airline travelers to take their liquor drink from the bar to the gate. The bill now goes to the Senate.

Most Americans will find favor with President Donald Trump’s increase in his budget for the military. The president is proposing a $54 billion surge in U.S. military spending for new aircraft, ships and other equipment.

It really is something special — The Missourian’s Family Reading Night. It will be held Friday night at the Washington Middle School, beginning at 6 p.m.

Any way you look at it, the suspension of the Washington Navy JROTC instructor is an unfortunate incident. Parents of cadets are upset, and most of the cadets are baffled.

The selection of Gen. H.R. McMaster by the president to be his new national security adviser looks like a winner. His record is outstanding.

President Donald Trump, other U.S. officials and our allies urged China to be more cooperative in enforcing sanctions against North Korea because of the latter’s continued testing of missiles. It has paid off.

Citing a report by the American Road & Transportation Building Association, Sen. Claire McCaskill has joined concerned Missourians and weighed in on the bridge crisis in the state. She said Missouri ranks fourth among all 50 states for the number of structurally deficient bridges.

When Republican Eric Greitens defeated Democrat Chris Koster in the governor’s race in November, it was a foregone conclusion that Missouri would become a right-to-work state. 

It’s not going to make or break North Dakota, but the governor of that state got booted from the Senate chamber because he wore jeans while posing for a photo with visiting high school students.

Ferguson is still in the news. It’s a political correctness issue now and it’s amazing how long the reach is of out-of-control sensitivity.

Often the word hero is used too freely. People often refer to anybody who is in the military service, or is a veteran, as a hero. Veterans will be the first to tell you they really were not a hero.

There was good news from the Missouri Department of Economic Development last week. Kansas City has landed a company that is moving its headquarters to Kansas City, that is expected to create 300 new jobs in the state.

Transportation improvements in Missouri are one of those “everybody agrees more funding is needed” but nobody will take the lead in solving the problem. There have been minor moves to increase funding but it’s a wall nobody wants to climb.

End zones in football often are where the main action is — that’s where the scoring takes place. However, end zones are hardly the most popular place to view the game. That’s going to change at MU.

The approval of the Bi-State Development Agency board in approving membership for Franklin County has to be looked at as a long-range move to eventually expand transit services to the county.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s actions in the confirmation process of President Donald Trump’s nominees for cabinet positions have manufactured widespread opinions that she is off and running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020.

We weren’t surprised there was opposition to the creation of a Tax Increment Financing district to assist a major Washington redevelopment project along the riverfront.

For those Super Bowl TV viewers who considered the game over when Atlanta cruised to a 25-point lead, well, they don’t know the New England Patriots’ knack for coming from behind. The Patriots rallied to tie the game and then won in overtime, 34-28.

We all know immigrants have since the beginning of America helped to supply a workforce that was needed to boost productivity. They have made many U.S. companies grow and prosper, and have added to our high standard of living.

It doesn’t seem possible that Sunday’s Super Bowl game in Houston will be the 51st in the history of the classic. For those of us who remember that first Super Bowl, it’s a reminder of  how quickly time marches on. In that first game, in 1967, Green Bay defeated Kansas City, 35-10.

To serve as a volunteer fireman for 65 years is a remarkable feat. Don Hahne has served that long with the Washington Fire Department. He was recognized at the recent Ladies Night Banquet, which is the department’s largest social event of the year.

  • By Bill Miller Sr.
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Gov. Eric Greitens has gotten off to a terrible start in setting an example to lawmakers, and to all Missourians, in regard to transparency. Why is he hiding the donors who have been backing him?

President Donald Trump appears to have made an excellent choice as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court in Neil Gorsuch. But as expected, the Democrats will do everything they can do to block confirmation.

The No. 1 cause of car crashes is distraction — diverting attention away from operating a vehicle safely. 

Sen. John McCain was right when he said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s immigration order last weekend has resulted in confusion. The Trump ban also has caused some anger, such as stopping even green card holders.

Most Americans have never heard of the Congressional Review Act (CRA). It gives Congress the means to overturn regulations from the nation’s chief executive, more specifically, orders from the president.

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