Franklin County may have received the largest proposed increase for services ever in the history of the county.

The Naval Junior ROTC program for Washington High and St. Francis Borgia Regional High School students is showing growth.

Union High School has inducted its first class into its newly created Athletic Hall of Fame. Other high schools in the area have established Athletic Halls of Fame to recognize outstanding individuals, teams, coaches and sports contributors.

Right now, and probably briefly, President Donald Trump is more cozy with the Democrats than Republicans. In fact, his relationship has never been worse than it is now with members of his own party.

The storms in Texas and Florida caused billions of dollars in damage to property and will spark a huge rebuilding effort. Problem is there aren’t enough construction workers to speed the recovery.

It isn’t quite like the World War II “Remember Pearl Harbor” battle cry that united Americans, but 9/11 is etched in the minds of people who were living in 2001.

A group of clergy has warned a judge in a murder case that he must issue a guilty verdict or he will have blood on his hands. A former St. Louis policeman shot a man after a chase in 2011. 

The Harvey experience in Texas has put a spotlight on flood insurance. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Texas homeowners have inadequate insurance to cover all their losses.

All indications are that the Missouri General Assembly will convene in a special session this coming week to reverse recent budget cuts affecting services for thousands of people with disabilities.

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens favors citizenship for anybody who serves in the U.S. military. He’s right.

What is wrong with us? Rep. Shamed Dogan posed the question at the end of a tweet slamming fellow Republican Missouri House member Warren Love.

The youth literacy program, Book Buzz, is 15 years old. It has raised the level of reading and writing among students in this area. When the program started, not even the founders of the program expected the level of success Book Buzz has achieved.

It took a massive effort to deal with the flooding in the Houston, Texas, area due to Hurricane Harvey, and it is going to take the same to handle the recovery. It will take time.

As a letter writer in this issue suggests, St. Clair deserves a big pat on the back for its hosting of viewers for the eclipse.

Monday is Labor Day when we salute all American workers, those wearing blue and white shirts, a day off for most and thoughts about the American work ethic and the technical minds who have made the country No. 1 in the world. Our workforce now includes many women, who are making great contributions to businesses, education and just about every other endeavor in America.

When a disaster strikes, Americans respond with a show of unity that can only be described as heartwarming, and reassurance that the highest value of all, life, is given the top priority.

Polls can be right on the money. They also can be dead wrong. They are interesting, though. Results can change in short order. In politics, they are followed closely.

Missouri was a leader in the grape and wine industry before Prohibition (18th Amendment) sidelined it. Then came the comeback after repeal of the amendment. It had a slow rebirth that still is gaining momentum.

President Donald Trump has taken his share of bashing from Democrats and even Republicans, which is nothing new in American history. President Barack Obama, Democrat, was a target, as were most other presidents.

Word from the University of Missouri in Columbia is that students have been warned that a white supremacist group apparently is trying to recruit members on and near the campus. The warning also went to staff and faculty members.

President Donald Trump keeps calling for unity in Congress and among Americans in his speeches and on his postings on Twitter.

The University of Missouri in Columbia is attacking the high cost of a college education with plans to guarantee payment of all tuition and fees for every student who qualifies for a federal Pell Grant. In addition, there will be more financial help for students who qualify for the Honors College.

Supporters of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback are demanding he be signed by an NFL team before the season begins. Colin Kaepernick is the player who refused to stand for the national anthem.

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, D-University City, should resign. If she doesn’t, her fellow senators probably will vote for her ouster.

With the recent protests and violence, especially by white nationalist groups, questions have been raised as to whether the media has given too much publicity to these groups, which are tiny in numbers when compared to the general population.

President Donald Trump’s speech Monday night on Afghanistan and our long involvement in that country’s war made it clear that our commitment still is strong to defeat the Taliban and the Islamic State extremist group.

An event can make a word or two popular. Take the word “totality.” It has come to the forefront because it has been used for Monday’s eclipse.

No one really knows what to expect in the way of crowds in Franklin County over the weekend and Monday with the solar eclipse event.

Some of the most powerful CEOs in the country quit President Trump’s business advisory councils this week in the wake of the president’s equivocal comments on the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

There are forces out to destroy the Trump presidency, and the list begins with The Donald himself. If he had the self-discipline to keep his mouth shut and forget about his foolish tweets, there might be some hope for him.

Now that the Disabled Veterans Memorial project in Union has been completed, the local organization that took the lead in that program, Missouri Pathfinders, is seeking ideas for another veterans’ project.

There is fear that with students returning to colleges and universities there will be more protests and violence.

The county has set the course leading to county jail improvements. The latest is that the county commission has selected an architect to conduct a study to determine if the present jail can be expanded or needs to be replaced. 


It is sad news that an industry in Union, Spartan Showcase, will close this fall, putting about 92 people out of work. Spartan is owned by Lozier Corporation  of Omaha, Neb.

There is no way to accurately tell what the size of the crowd will be in Franklin County to witness the eclipse this coming Monday, Aug. 21. The estimates vary quite a bit.

Many Americans did not take North Korea’s threat to bomb Guam seriously, even though they know dictator Kim Jong Un is unpredictable. United States officials undoubtedly were ready to react if the threat played out.

Americans are getting fed up with the threats against their country by North Korea. The situation is getting worse almost daily, and it is a vexing problem for President Donald Trump and his military advisers.

This week marks the third anniversary of the shooting death of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.

The buyers come every year to sweeten the pockets of exhibitors of market farm animals at the Washington Fair Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction.

For some reason, the media back east, especially in the D.C. swampland, has been quiet about a scandal in the U.S. House. In the center of the scandal are Democrats.

The political experts, from the professionals to the amateurs, are still trying to figure out why Hillary Clinton lost in the presidential race to Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump was a highly successful dealmaker in the business world. Some people say part of his success was due to his bullying.

Josh Hawley, who assumed the office of Missouri attorney general earlier this year, has his eyes on running in 2018 for the U.S. Senate on the Republican ticket.

The business news story in Wednesday’s Missourian about Don Means retiring from 50 years in the financial services industry mentioned that his civic volunteerism included serving on the Washington City Council. Don was one of the leaders for change in city government back in the 1950s and 1960s.

We have a president who lies. He also stretches the truth. He doesn’t seem to care if the media fact-checks what he says and proves him wrong. 


It’s going to be a busy afternoon Saturday at the Washington Fair Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction.

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