By his actions and words earlier, it appeared that Barack Obama, after his presidential term ended, would go home to Chicago. However, that has changed. He is leasing a mansion in Washington, D.C., where he plans to live — at least part of the time.

If there are 26 deaths in Franklin County in one year, from anything other than legitimate medical causes, there should be great concern. And there is because these deaths in 2016 were from overdoses of illegal drugs. 

An individual who has worked quietly in the background in economic development in Washington for many years is Sid Thayer, who retired at the end of 2016.

Gov. Eric Greitens wasted little time in naming a chief operating officer for his office. He said during the campaign that he was going to hire a chief operating officer from a major business.

After being sworn in as governor Monday, Eric Greitens issued an executive order that sent a message that he is serious about making changes in state government.

Armies of political observers will have their eyes on the federal government and on Missouri as two novices take the reins of top executive for the two entities.

The intelligence agencies of the U.S. released a declassified version of Russian hacking last week. It is an addition to an earlier report. President Barack Obama requested the release of the report.

One of the most compelling issues in the U.S. is the large number of people with mental disorders who have weapons and who are guilty of mass killings of innocent people. Law enforcement agencies are aware of some of these mental cases who may be a threat, but if they don’t break the law bef…

Strong support was voiced for the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) project for Downtown Washington at a public hearing Thursday at city hall.

If ever there has been a time when the vast majority of Americans support law enforcement agencies, it is now. Fears of terrorist attacks, an armed populace, and so many people with mental problems make being a law enforcement officer today a very dangerous profession. The public’s need for …

With a Republican governor and both chambers of the General Assembly firmly in the hands of Republicans, we are entering a new era of change in government in Missouri.

For now, anyway, Peter Kinder’s government career is over. He served 24 years in state government, the last 12 as lieutenant governor. Before that he was in the Missouri Senate for 12 years.

Sen. Roy Blunt has been chairman of many committees in his 20 years in Washington, D.C., but Jan. 20 he will serve in a new role — chairman of the presidential inauguration committee for Donald Trump. 

Gov.-elect Eric Greitens said during his campaign he planned to hire a chief operating officer (COO) to run the day to day operations of the governor’s office. His rival, Chris Koster, in a debate when that was mentioned, told Greitens that being COO is the job the governor fulfills.

New job creation in Missouri put the state near the top in that category in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Outgoing President Barack Obama is showing a tough face in foreign affairs. He is making jabs that seldom did we see during the past eight years.

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We remember when New Year’s resolutions were taken seriously — at least at the time they were made. Like many other twists and turns in living, times change and rarely do we hear anything about a New Year’s resolution. Yeah, we know, most resolutions never happen. There isn’t enough follow-t…

One prediction that is easy to make for 2017: It’s going to be a rough ride for the press when Donald Trump becomes president. The ride won’t be smooth for Trump either.

The United States’ relations with Israel are strained to put it mildly. An ongoing issue is over Israel’s settlements in the disputed territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The conflict is with Palestinians.

Thomas Sowell, a syndicated columnist whose columns appeared in The Missourian for many years, is retiring. His last column appeared in Wednesday’s Missourian. We, along with many of our readers, will miss his informative opinion columns. 


A mainstay at The Missourian retired Thursday after more than 40 years with this newspaper. It was the only newspaper Ed worked at after graduating from the University of Missouri School of  Journalism in 1976.

Gov.-elect Eric Greitens calls it corporate welfare to subsidize the proposed new soccer stadium in downtown St. Louis. Gov. Jay Nixon says it’s the price of doing business today.

Missouri is becoming quite a state for hiking/biking trails. We’re on the hiking/biking map in the United States.

There is a battle of rules going on in the federal government and not much attention has been given to it. 

President Barack Obama hasn’t lost confidence in himself, even though his Democratic Party suffered a major blow at the polls in November with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the election of Donald Trump. It was a rejection of the Democratic Party, and Obama, as much as it was a defeat for…

It was in the early 1980s when Franklin County could hardly make ends meet. The county was growing, but the revenue was not keeping up with the demands brought on by growth. Franklin was not the only county that needed more revenue — it was a statewide problem.

The ice storm that hit this area Friday afternoon was a paralyzing force, especially for drivers on highways and other roads. There were numerous accidents and long delays to reach destinations.

Now that the Electoral College has certified Donald Trump as president-elect with votes Monday in state capitols throughout the country, it’s time for all of us to accept the results.

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What happens in St. Louis has an impact on the whole region, including Franklin County. When writing about St. Louis we include both the city and the county, even though the city legally is not part of the county.

College officials rightly are concerned about legislation that would allow some form of the carrying of guns on campuses. They should be alarmed about asinine legislation of this nature.

More money is being spent on running for some Franklin County political offices than in the past.

President-elect Donald Trump had to know that nominating Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state would create a firestorm of opposition because of the nominee’s close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

School officials — the Washington Public School District, and East Central College — voiced concern about a proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) project in Downtown Washington at a TIF commission meeting last week.

It was no surprise that Donald Trump was named Person of the Year by Time magazine. Time began its long essay on Trump by saying it was the 90th time it has selected the person “who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year.”

The Katy Trail in Missouri is the longest developed rail to trail route in the United States, and it just got a bit longer, by 47.5 miles.

For people close to Mercy Hospital Washington, it wasn’t that big of a surprise. They know how the hospital has put a great emphasis on the safety of the patients it serves.

A “news story” (no source mentioned on the one we received) on the Internet falls into the category of fake news. Some people are just now awakening to the fact that anybody can put anything on the Internet.

A welcome change that will be coming after Donald Trump takes the oath of president is elimination of federal government regulations that are strangling small businesses, and hindering growth in many fields.

Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his address to Congress Dec. 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked …

Every now and then we disagree with what one of our syndicated columnists writes, but we still publish the opinion because it is important to be aware of other views.

A preliminary study important to improvements to Highway 47 between Washington and St. Clair is moving forward with Franklin County taking the lead.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, is the opening day for filing for municipal and school board seats. The season extends to Jan. 17.

The incoming president of the University of Missouri System, Mun Choi, toured the four campuses this past week and from reports he generally was well received.

Our President-elect Donald Trump said that he will turn over all of his business interests to his children in an attempt to avoid any conflicts of interest. He says he will be running the federal government on a full-time basis.

The Clinton campaign, that is, its leaders, apparently have not disbanded and will take part in a recount of votes in Wisconsin in the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump needs to prepare himself for when he is president that all of his actions will be under a magnifying glass, not only by Republicans but by the big, liberal media. That is somewhat true of any president, but Trump’s mouth, his wealth, his expansive business interests and his farf…

For as long as it can be remembered, there has been a search to find the answer to why some people live longer. Many reasons have been advanced and theories offered, but no one single reason has found general acceptance with the exception of one — a person’s genetic makeup. Such reasons as d…

A major redevelopment project in Downtown Washington moved another step forward this past Monday when the city council selected Developer Andy Unerstall as the preferred developer for the Front Street Redevelopment Area.

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