With the daily campaigns for president hitting us from all directions for many months, United States citizens have had it. Trivial campaign happenings make headlines and the evening television newscasts as breaking news.

Monday night’s presidential candidates’ debate has created much speculation due to the personalities involved, which adds to the potential for viewership.

There has been considerable publicity about money given to the campaign of Republican Eric Greitens, candidate for governor, by alleged sex-abuser Michael Goguen of California. Greitens has refused to return the money, $1 million, even though party members have questioned his refusal to retu…

Now that the action by the General Assembly to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of the controversial gun bill, we are hearing from the silent majority who believe lawmakers are out of touch with the vast majority of people who have valid concerns.

The General Assembly voted to override several vetoes Gov. Jay Nixon gave to legislation that would give tax breaks to special interest groups. The governor then cut $57.2 million from the budget to balance it.

The warning signal is blaring about the coming of drones that are going to fill the sky. Federal aviation officials said there could be millions of drones crowding the nation’s skies in the not-too-distant future.

We thought it was a dead issue — the birthplace of President Barack Obama. It surfaced again when presidential candidate Donald Trump said at a press conference last Friday that Obama was born in the United States, “period.”

It is a fact that the study of humanities in the nation’s colleges and universities is on the decline. The emphasis is on technology, math and the sciences.

Millionaire professional football players who refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag are displaying disrespect to a country that has given them opportunities they would not have living in other countries.

It’s a go for the westward expansion of the riverfront trail in Washington. The city has received word that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Recreational Trails Program grant has been approved. The amount of the grant is expected to be $150,000.

One lesson Congress has never learned is that budget cuts for the military can leave this country vastly unprepared for wars, which seem to be inevitable.

After the Hillary Clinton health issue that surfaced again when she had to leave a 9/11 anniversary memorial service early Sunday, the political campaign spotlight has focused on the candidates’ health.

The black body count in Chicago is a national tragedy. So far this year nearly 3,000 people, black and white, have been shot in that city, an average of one victim every two hours.

A rural Missouri school district has eliminated any Christian elements from its schools after a complaint from a national atheist organization, according to the Missouri Family Policy Council.

As we prepare to enter the fall season, and it’s not so hot, many people enjoy the outdoors, which includes eating at Washington’s Front Street restaurants that have outdoor dining.

It really wasn’t a televised debate because the two candidates for president, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, weren’t face to face, and answered questions from the moderator and military veterans in a military setting. Each was on stage for 30 minutes Wednesday night.

The Franklin County Area United Way campaign has kicked off, the ball is in the air, and the goal is to score another victory. The goal is $1.1 million, most ever, but the leadership is confident the money can be raised.

All Americans were humiliated, or should have been, by the way the Chinese treated our president when he landed at Hangzhou, China, last week. What happened was an insult to the United States.

To the average citizen, the money given to political candidates is beyond comprehension. The money wasted on candidates who lose is staggering. And, how many donors is the winner beholden to?

The conservative movement lost a crusader Monday with the death of Phyllis Schlafly, 92, whose spirited political activities encouraged other women to enter the arena of public life.

Jay Ashcroft, Republican candidate for secretary of state, is uniquely qualified for public office by his education and experience. In the primary election, he defeated state Sen. Will Kraus, a formidable candidate. He lives in St. Louis County, but grew up in Jefferson City and graduated fr…

Congratulations are befitting St. Francis Borgia Regional High School and students on the ACT scores the Class of 2016 achieved.

To many people, assessed valuation of property figures are just that — numbers — and they don’t pay too much attention to them. To others, such as officials of taxing entities, the numbers reflect the property tax income they will receive this year.

Sen. Claire McCaskill confirmed the past week that she plans to run for re-election in 2018. She was elected to the Senate in 2006. The Democrat will be seeking a third six-year term.

Republican candidate Donald Trump has based much of his campaign on building a wall at our southern border to stem the tide of illegal immigrants entering the country.

Labor Day isn’t what it used to be in America. The annual observance is a tribute to all workers, most of whom enjoy a day off. But “labor” is totally different today.

One of the greatest needs in this area is an available workforce for our many industries and businesses. 

For some reason Donald Trump will not go public with his tax returns. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, has made a campaign issue out of his reluctance to reveal his tax returns.

For the state of Missouri, it is embarrassing that the state auditor in a report said the Senate should increase sexual harassment training following scandals that occurred last year.

Since the big media often in news stories does not identify the race of a person, is the story incomplete? This question often is heard when a crime is committed.

It’s a tiny step at best but important nonetheless. The Highway 47 Corridor Committee hopes to be able to do a traffic study on the highway from Washington to St. Clair.

Mercy Hospital Washington is observing an important milestone in health care progress in this area. It is the 40th anniversary of the merger of what was St. Francis Hospital and St. John’s Mercy Medical Center (now Mercy).

The Washington Volunteer Fire Company is widely recognized as a first-rate firefighting department. That recognition extends beyond the state of Missouri.

If agriculture groups in Missouri have an influence on their members, the farm vote is going to be strong for Chris Koster for governor. The Democratic candidate, who now is attorney general, has gained more endorsements from farm groups than many of the past candidates for state offices.

One of Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes should not be overridden by members of the General Assembly. It is SB 656, which would cripple Missouri’s concealed weapons law, nearly killing it.

There is little doubt now that the Obama administration paid a ransom payment to free Americans held by Iran. The administration had repeatedly denied that it was a ransom payment.

Every now and then, it is necessary to remind our readers about our letters to the editor policy. The Missourian welcomes letters to be published. Most are informative and comments made often lead to needed reforms on a wide range of subjects. Letters give all of us an indication of how peop…

During the groundbreaking for the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River last week, Gov. Jay Nixon’s timely words should reach every Missourian, and be driven home with the force such as will be needed to drive in the piers that will support the new structure at Washington.

The city’s recent decision to buy the Frick’s Meat Products property along West Eighth Street continues a vital stormwater management program that began nearly two decades ago.

Economists say an economic recovery has arrived when there is an increase in new home building. That’s a signal that the experts say has held true in this country.

It was a happy day at the Washington riverfront Friday morning when the groundbreaking for the new bridge over the Missouri River was conducted.

  • By Bill Miller Sr.
  • ()

Although not a resident of Washington in 1934, and being quite young in that year, when the groundbreaking was held Friday for the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River, thoughts about the first bridge over the river here rattled in the brain.

What would the Washington Town and Country Fair be if it did not have the shuttle service for fairgoers?

The fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Aug. 9, 2014, was tragic. The protests and riots that followed were tragic.

For another successful Washington Fair, the leadership — the entire 2016 Fair Board — is of the caliber of the stand and applaud type.

It took much effort by many people to get to the point where we will be at 10 a.m. Friday under the old Highway 47 bridge where it crosses the Missouri River. That is when there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony to start on construction of a new $62.9 million bridge.

A fear many Americans have is if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will appoint several U.S. Supreme Court justices who will render liberal decisions adversely affecting the traditional beliefs of many people in the country — including religious standards. Goodbye to the Constitution…

There has been talk of an aquarium for St. Louis for many years. Now it will become a reality.

In the race for sheriff in Franklin County in the Republican primary election, it was a heated and expensive campaign, with a record amount of money spent by the two main candidates, Jason Grellner and Steve Pelton. Running third was Dan Page.

If there ever was a self-destructive political candidate with the negative stature the height of Donald Trump, please name the person.

Often sought after, unity in a political party can be evasive, if not impossible to obtain. However, the true party loyalists keep quiet about their differences, at least in public. But now there are more who speak out, just as in the national level in the Republican Party.

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