Mother Nature’s habit of creating disasters and weather inconveniences sparks memories, good and bad, of those times. The foot or more of snow last weekend brought into focus what happened years ago with similar conditions.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to know that President Trump would never heed her advice that he postpone his State of the Union address because of security concerns due to the partial government shutdown.

In a move that redefines tone deaf, the Missouri House on Tuesday gave themselves the option of keeping some records closed to the public.

A couple of things in Gov. Mike Parson’s State of the State address that caught our special attention — both deal with transportation.

While the arguments continue about the Trump Wall on our southern border and the partial government shutdown, there are questions not being asked.

Battles may be won against Mother Nature, but to defeat her is impossible. She may be down for a period, but another attack always comes.

We wonder if the fathers of the modern-day Washington Town & Country Fair in the 1950s ever dreamed it would reach the heights it has attained in this era.

It is right to say the annual Washington Town & Country Fair is a community connection point. It’s not the only one, but it’s safe to say it is the major one.

As we entered the weekend, the snow panic was covering us.

It is an accepted fact that Republicans have a problem with President Donald Trump.

The Missouri Veterans Commission will have a comprehensive study made to determine present and future needs of veterans in the state.

We are among Americans who question whether a wall along our southern border would really solve the immigration problem we have.

Voters in Missouri in the November election gave strong support for Amendment 1, commonly known as Clean Missouri.

The full report isn’t out yet but most of the details have been leaked and the conversations and arguments have begun.

The drug war is out of control in Franklin County. The battle to curb illegal drugs reached a high level over the holidays.

The state has received strong opposition to a proposal to allow guns in the Capitol. There should be strong opposition. If there is anything the General Assembly should trash, it is guns in the Capitol.

Could collection of sales taxes on online sales in the state be earmarked for transportation needs? That will be a discussion topic in the new session of the General Assembly that opened Wednesday.

There is no shortage of jobs in Missouri. There is a shortage of workers in the state.

We expect there will be more gridlock in Congress this year, especially with a Speaker whose main objective is to attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

There’s been much information provided about America’s crumbling infrastructure, but no real action to solve the problem.

Stubbornness is nothing new in Congress but it may have a new high in the dispute over a Trump Wall at our southern border. Democrats and a few Republicans in Congress oppose funding the wall. President Donald Trump promised to build a wall if elected.

It was bound to happen. A Missouri state senator plans to seek legislation in 2019 that would cap the amount of sales taxes that local governments can levy.

The speculation is running as swift as the Meramec River during a flood. It will continue well into 2019.

The federal Labor Department reported that public education employees are quitting education for different jobs. Teachers at community colleges and in K-12 public school districts are leaving education at the fastest rate on record, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Dec. 31, 2018, was the deadline to pay property taxes to 44 different entities in Franklin County. So what’s new about that?

What was going on in this area of the world 100 years ago? Wondering about that, we took a look at copies of Washington newspapers dated in December of 1918.

The New Year is expected to have considerable changes in education facilities in Franklin County.

One of the things that this columnist looks forward to at Christmas is books — new ones hot off the press. One of the gifts received was “Charles Krauthammer, The Point of It all.” Krauthammer was a gifted political columnist for nearly four decades. His column was a regular on this newspape…

For local governments, and even in the upper levels of government, there always are challenges. Thoughts emerge when thinking about the many challenges.

No vote is needed to come up with the top local story of 2018. The opening of the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington was No. 1.

Missouri has joined other states that are taking measures to ensure that everybody is counted in the 2020 federal census.

It was hardly a surprise that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned, since the exit door in the Trump administration has had busy traffic.

It took a massive killing by a gunman in Las Vegas last year who used bump stocks in his arsenal of weapons in a shooting outburst at a country music concert to bring about a ban on the firearms attachment. The gunman killed 58 people.

By presidential order, the United States now has a Space Command. It is not a Space Force or a sixth branch of the military.

If there is one thing that is overdue in the state of Missouri it is to correct a serious wrong — a free ride given to out-of-state retailers who do not have to collect sales taxes on online purchases.

When nobody knows, but it’s very possible that the United States will have a Latino president in the future.

The Franklin County Area United Way held a victory celebration party last week — it was a thank you and recognition event for all the donors who made the drive successful.

If our federal government didn’t have enough on its controversy plate, with a president who cooks it almost daily, it now has the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) legal diet to consume.

Even before the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington opened, for several years concern has been expressed due to the traffic congestion on the highway that connects Washington to Union and St. Clair. It also, as everyone around here knows, is a connection between Inter…

We hope the Trump, Pelosi and Schumer hate encounter in the Oval Office Tuesday was not a preview of what the next two years are going to be like in Swampville. But we fear what happened in that hate session is going to be the environment Americans are going to have to endure in the next two years.

It was a surprise and a bit shocking to learn that the Boy Scouts of America organization is having financial problems and may have to file for bankruptcy.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, in an interview as she is getting ready to exit the U.S. Senate, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she will not run for public office again. There had been speculation that she might seek the office of governor on the Democratic ticket.

The city of Washington’s consultant on the swimming pool will be seeking public input on the project in early 2019. The input will be helpful in the planning and design process.

There was a time not too long ago when investing in China seemed like the thing to do. The future looked bright to do business, even international business, from a base in China.

If you are an active political observer, 2019 should be your year to pay close attention. There are a host of would-be candidates in the wings waiting to make announcements about their presidential ambitions.

Growth is satisfying in many areas of Missouri life, but in one sector it is troubling. It’s our prison populations.

President Donald Trump is going to push and push for funding to build a United States-Mexico border wall in the next session of Congress.

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