The General Assembly, as it winds down with another session this week, may pass legislation calling for another vote on the Clean Missouri amendment. They want to kill the voter-approved Amendment 1 initiative that was approved last November.

A four-year college degree does not have the value it once had. That’s the conclusion a person could come to after reading Walter Williams’ commentary that will be found on this page.  

One thing that never changes is that the Missouri General Assembly enters the final week of a session with much unfinished legislative matters. It’s always the same — unfinished business. Some measures will be passed in the final hours of the session that ends Friday.

The American Legion is in its 100th year and it has a proud history of being a force for veterans and the country. It is one of the most influential organizations in the United States.

Many Missourians agree that something needs to be done about the city of St. Louis, St. Louis County and the more than 90 municipalities in the county, where confusion often reigns as to which governmental body they are in and where jurisdictions begin and end.

It’s not new — efforts to rename Washington, D.C.’s Union Station as the “Harry S. Truman Union Station.”

It was unsettling to learn that Franklin County was charged $73,575 by the Union Fire District for building permit fees for the new county jail project.

Reunions refresh memories. As it was Saturday at the Old Dutch Restaurant for members of the 1956 Blue Jays basketball team.

The city of Washington and Downtown Washington Inc. are seeking a tenant for the old waterworks building, a historic landmark that is a centerpiece of the Jim Rennick Riverfront Park.

Do you know what the student debt in the U.S. loan portfolio is? It’s $1.45 trillion!

There is good news on the farm scene in Missouri. Small farms are showing strength and nearly all farms in Missouri are family-owned.

“I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree.”

It was good to learn that Republicans and Democrats are coming together on a federal infrastructure program. Both parties recognize the need that exists.

We aren’t big fans of the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The black-tie event has deteriorated in recent years — too many celebrities and too many classless comedians telling off-color jokes.

In life’s journey, we all meet people who leave an unforgettable impression because of their character. Pastor Herman Otten of New Haven personified discipline among his other favorable traits.

Population growth or decline usually points to conditions that were responsible for whatever happened in the area affected. Often the reasons are complex.

America’s past is gradually being erased. It is not only statues that are targeted but it extends to artwork and other objects of a historical nature.

A rumor making the rounds was that Mayor Sandy Lucy was going to take a year’s leave of absence and the newly elected mayor pro tem, Jeff Patke, Third Ward councilman, would assume the office.

At first glance it may seem a bit trivial, but given more thought the county commission did the right thing in sending a message to contractors involved in the jail/dispatching center project. The message is that all change orders adding more cost must be approved by the commission.

A feature story in Wednesday’s Missourian by Karen Cernich about the 75th anniversary of the Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District brought back memories of some of the pioneers in that movement. It especially reminded us of the late Monsignor George J. Hildner, who came to Fra…

Mercy Health System is rated one of the five best hospital systems in the country in the large category of hospitals.

Former senator and vice president Joe Biden is expected to officially enter the race for president later this week. He has been considering a race for the Democratic nomination for months, maybe longer.

We’d wager that most Americans are tired of the Mueller report and the stench of politics that has resulted from the wrapping.

It was good news to learn that starting in the new school year, Union High School students will have the option to take part in the Naval Junior ROTC program based at Washington High School.

The Better Together consolidation plan for the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County that is being promoted in outstate Missouri is off and running and to bring Missourians together on what is being proposed is a challenge. John Hancock is one of the spokespersons for the plan and he was in…

With a crowded field of 20 declared candidates and over a year and a half until the 2020 election, it’s a little early to handicap the Democratic nominee for president.

One thing that remains with us about the Washington Volunteer Fire Company and former Chief Bill Halmich is the discipline the firefighters have. If you ever were on the scene of a fire when Chief Halmich was in command, and which carries over to today, the discipline is clearly evident.

There seems to be a growing interest in the complicated subject of worker shortage and population growth from immigrants. More attention, it appears, judging from news stories and commentaries, is being given to it.

In November voters in Missouri by a strong majority approved a measure called Clean Missouri, an ethics reform constitutional amendment, which included a new nonpartisan method of the redrawing of legislative districts. Republicans immediately tried to defeat the proposal because of fear of …

If ever it was true that 1,000 words don’t always tell a story as pictures do, it rang true in the demolition of the old Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River at Washington. The weekend Missourian photo coverage of the demolition of the bridge was comprehensive — with photos that told th…

The much-discussed issue of infrastructure needs in the state took a step forward Monday when the Missouri Senate passed a proposal to pay for bridge projects. Lawmakers voted 26 to 7 for a resolution that advances the proposal to the House.

As we were leaving our viewing location for the old Highway 47 bridge demolition, a man who we know uttered these words: “Much ado about nothing.”

It was the right thing to do — holding a public forum on a homeless shelter in Washington. It was held Tuesday evening at city hall and was sponsored by the Franklin County Homeless Task Force (HTF).

When Missourians approved casino gambling in 1994, there were predictions that it would open the expansion door to additional gambling in the state. HB 423, pending in the Missouri General Assembly, would do just that.

About the same time The Missourian published a photo in the April 10 issue of turtles sunning themselves on a log on high water in a field on the south side of Westlink Drive, the Associated Press released a story about “drivers urged to brake for turtles crossing Missouri roads.” The photo,…

There is a personal finance website called WalletHub that is a rating source of states and municipalities in multiple areas of life. Its rating of entities on countless subjects is mind-boggling because so many topics are covered over a relatively short period of time. The Missourian receive…

We refer Missourian readers to Mark Thiessen’s column on this page on immigration. His words represent some of the best thinking we have read on America’s immigration problem.

Attorney General William Barr told a Senate panel that spying may have taken place against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Of course, Democrats immediately attacked Barr. They are critical of Barr’s handling of the Mueller report on the investigation into whether Russia influenced the …

The past winter was hard on streets and roads and points to the need for repairs, which are costly and strain the budgets of governmental bodies.

One would think that Nicole Galloway, as the only Democrat to hold a major state office, would be lonely in the otherwise all Republican political world that Missouri has become. The impression here is after visiting with her last week she appears to be able to handle all situations with a s…

It appears everything is a “go” for the old Highway 47 bridge to be demolished and dropped into the Missouri River Thursday. The many preparations have been made, the river has dropped — all appears to be ready.

There aren’t many companies that have operated continuously for 150 years. In that elite group is Missouri Meerschaum Company, manufacturer of corn cob pipes, which is observing that ultra-milestone this week and for the rest of the year.

The opening of the home season for the St. Louis Cardinals is akin to a holiday event. It isn’t just because it signals the beginning of the “boys of summer” game, it’s because people in many states have a love affair with the team.

If ever there was a no-win situation for officials involved it was the Mueller investigation of President Donald Trump over charges he colluded with Russia in the presidential election and allegations of obstruction of justice.

For some elections, voters turn out in large numbers. For other elections, they shy away from casting votes. Why is this?

The voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was highly disappointing. However, congratulations are in order to the voters who did cast ballots on important issues and candidate races.

The solid vote given Tuesday to two Washington community issues was an indication of the high interest citizens have in moving forward in a positive way. Yes, the voter turnout was disappointing, but those who did show up at the polls, voiced an overwhelming approval of issues that will perm…

Survey results on an unbelievable number of subjects are regular emails from WalletHub, the personal-finance website. The emails are as common as are the ones for donations from Bernie Sanders.

There isn’t much agreement in state government today, even though the Missouri House and Senate are controlled by the Republicans. So it has not been a surprise that there is disagreement over how to spend added revenue from taxing online sales from companies that don’t have a physical prese…

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