Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan,” President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his address to Congress Dec. 8, 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked …

Every now and then we disagree with what one of our syndicated columnists writes, but we still publish the opinion because it is important to be aware of other views.

A preliminary study important to improvements to Highway 47 between Washington and St. Clair is moving forward with Franklin County taking the lead.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, is the opening day for filing for municipal and school board seats. The season extends to Jan. 17.

The incoming president of the University of Missouri System, Mun Choi, toured the four campuses this past week and from reports he generally was well received.

Our President-elect Donald Trump said that he will turn over all of his business interests to his children in an attempt to avoid any conflicts of interest. He says he will be running the federal government on a full-time basis.

The Clinton campaign, that is, its leaders, apparently have not disbanded and will take part in a recount of votes in Wisconsin in the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump needs to prepare himself for when he is president that all of his actions will be under a magnifying glass, not only by Republicans but by the big, liberal media. That is somewhat true of any president, but Trump’s mouth, his wealth, his expansive business interests and his farf…

For as long as it can be remembered, there has been a search to find the answer to why some people live longer. Many reasons have been advanced and theories offered, but no one single reason has found general acceptance with the exception of one — a person’s genetic makeup. Such reasons as d…

A major redevelopment project in Downtown Washington moved another step forward this past Monday when the city council selected Developer Andy Unerstall as the preferred developer for the Front Street Redevelopment Area.

During the campaign for president, Donald Trump often referred to his opponent as “Crooked” Hillary because of her private email server, Benghazi, lies, the Clinton Foundation and using high public office for personal gain.

The recent shooting attacks on police officers are another indication of how dangerous it is to serve in such a position today. 

A side effect of the presidential election is that it has put the spotlight on fake news on the Internet. Anybody can put anything on the Internet and it’s time something is done about it. It won’t be easy.

There is a campaign around the country to try to change the outcome of the presidential election. Hillary Clinton’s supporters are trying to persuade members of the Electoral College to deny Donald Trump the presidency even though he won it with 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. Clinton …

Every individual has his or her Thanksgiving thoughts because circumstances vary, but there are universal thanks that we all have.

Any fundraising campaign that has a goal of $1.1 million has to five leaders nervous moments about reaching that height in donations. There are a few jittery moments in every campaign about reaching the goal.

With the report the other day that President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence are receiving the president’s Daily Brief, it brought back memories of another era in the federal government when Vice President Harry Truman became president in 1945 when President Franklin D…

President-elect Donald Trump made many promises of what he would do when he assumes office, and his nomination of a Supreme Court justice is one announcement that many of his voters are anxiously awaiting. For some voters, the Supreme Court appointment was their chief concern.

Developer Andy Unerstall has unveiled plans for a $12.2 million mixed use project for Downtown Washington.

After every presidential election there is a “placing the blame” period by the loser. Hillary Clinton, who lost to Donald Trump, last week has pointed her finger at Director James B. Comey of the FBI as a major reason for her defeat.

They may be protesting in the streets of major cities over the election of Donald Trump, but President Barack Obama is setting a good example by turning down his volume of disappointment and in effect saying give the man a chance.

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Americans Tuesday voted for a change in direction for the United States. Yes, many voters went to the polls in an angry mood. They were unhappy with eight years of aimless direction by President Barack Obama.

We were not shocked or totally surprised by Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. In an unusual and bitterly contested race for president, grassroots Americans selected Republican Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton to be the 45th president of the United States.

Eric Greitens, St. Louis, will face many challenges as Missouri’s new governor. His victory over Democrat Chris Koster was a surprise to many people because of Koster’s experience as attorney general, a huge campaign money chest, and widespread endorsements such as the Missouri Farm Bureau a…

Voters probably will see proposals in the future to increase the cigarette tax in Missouri since two ballot issues on the subject failed this past Tuesday.

Voters by an 80 percent margin approved continuation of the 1 percent sales tax to fund soil and water conservation, and state parks and historic sites in Tuesday’s election. There was no organized opposition. The tax is for another 10 years. No doubt about the value of this tax. It was Amen…

Not unusual, but there was considerable last-minute political advertising. However, most voters have had their minds made up as to favorites and we doubt if any of the just-before-the-election ads changed minds.

It is a shocking number and a concern all Americans should have. Ambush killings of police officers are up 167 percent this year in the United States.

Friday, this country will again pay tribute to military veterans with an outpouring of thanks that may be at its greatest height in history.

Even though the FBI Director James Comey announced Sunday that a review of additional emails did not produce evidence to prosecute Hillary Clinton for using a private server containing classified data while secretary of state, there’s still a cloud of doubt in many people’s minds.

Patrick McKenna, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), provided thought-provoking information when he addressed the Washington Area Highway Transportation Committee this past week.

Voters are confused over some of the Constitutional Amendments and a Proposition that are on Tuesday’s ballot. Unfortunately, language of these issues can add to the confusion.

Missouri’s Coalition for Roadway Safety just issued its fourth strategic safety plan, aimed at reducing traffic injuries and fatalities, since 2005.

Political candidates seek endorsements from newspapers yet they spend most of their advertising dollars with television.

In the race for Missouri secretary of state, Republican Jay Ashcroft’s qualifications stand taller than the other two candidates, Libertarian Chris Morrill and Democrat Robin Smith.

State Sen. Eric Schmitt is seeking the office of state treasurer on the Republican ticket, and he has a background that has given him sound experience in state government. He has strong qualifications for the office of treasurer.

Conservative Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer is the congressional face of the 3rd District of Missouri and his image fits the area that he represents. He even is favored by some Democrats and Independents like this newspaper.

The feeling has been there for some time that there are quiet voters who plan to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president. This is not to say that he will win. But he may make the race against Democrat Hillary Clinton much closer than the polls show and predictions by th…

Eric Greitens, Republican candidate for governor, refuses to answer questions about the source of millions of dollars he has received to finance his campaign.

As The Missourian pointed out in a feature story Wednesday, volunteer drivers are needed to transport military verterans to health facilities in St. Louis.

The Affordable Health Care Act, known as Obamacare, will hit Missourians and most Americans hard in 2017 with price increases for insurance and only one insurer in most counties in the state, according to a study made by The Associated Press.

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt is being challenged for re-election by Democrat Secretary of State Jason Kander. Sen. Blunt is a seasoned member of Congress who knows Missouri like his backyard. Kander served in the Missouri General Assembly before being elected to his first term as secretary of state.

We have heard Eric Greitens, Republican candidate for governor, speak three times. With each appearance, his shallowness in knowledge of government was apparent. He lacks a clear plan on how he would face up to issues and work to solve problems.

We like what we see in Mike Parson, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor. He is a Missouri conservative who isn’t too far to the right, and is a commonsense guy.

Watching all three debates, the only conclusion we can come to is that this country has two flawed candidates for president. Yes, many of our readers reached the same conclusion some time ago.

We will vote for Amendment 1 Nov. 8 and we hope other Missourians will give it a positive nod. We say nod because it hasn’t generated much interest and we aren’t aware of any organized opposition.  

The money being spent in this election year by candidates is obscene. On the ballot Nov. 8 is Constitutional Amendment 2, which calls for limits on campaign contributions.

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