Call it the Clinton legacy or a toxic disease, the liberal, fanatical left can’t get over the Hillary presidential defeat or the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation as a Supreme Court justice. The radical left plans to continue to attack Justice Kavanaugh and make life miserable for him.

As The Wall Street Journal pointed out in an editorial Monday, Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who would be Judiciary Chairman if the Democrats retake the House, says he will continue to investigate Justice Kavanaugh for perjury and reopen the sexual assault probe. Regardless of how anybody feels about the outcome, it’s over, move on.

The anti-Trump and anti-Kavanaugh liberals reportedly are well-financed by friends of the liberal cause so their protests will continue. They have labeled Justice Kavanaugh a rapist even though the accuser has never said she was raped, which is different than the sexual assault alleged attack.

This guilt by accusation is bad for the country.

Women have been victims of sexual attacks and rape, and and that is unacceptable in all cultures. Rape is a savage act, devastating to women and harsh punishment should be dealt to the guilty ones. The lingering hurt is unbearable to most of the victims, and our compassion should go out to them.

But it also is very wrong to falsely accuse someone of rape or sexual assault when it did not occur. That also results in painful scars and destroys a person’s reputation.

The radicals in the Democratic Party have lost votes for candidates running under their banner. Others will argue that the protesting liberals and attacks on Republicans have done just the opposite — they have helped Democrats. The November election may or may not sort out which party has been harmed the most.

One thing that is clear. Americans are sick of the partisanship and disgusting tactics on display in Washington, D.C.