Have our nation’s elected officials reached a new low of untrustworthiness? We are seeing it on the state and federal levels.

The many abuses of governmental power that we are witnesses to almost daily, leaves many doubts as to these elected officials’ credibility when it comes to their private lives and public responsibilities. Can we believe anything they say? So many have made a mockery out of family values by selling themselves as something they aren’t.

Is there any hope that they can regain credibility?

In talking to a number of Republicans in the state, they don’t believe Gov. Eric Greitens can regain his lost credibility. The hardliners say they don’t believe a word he says. He promoted himself as squeaky clean, milked his SEAL experience to an extreme, used dark money in his campaign and cheated on his wife. He has been an opponent of open government and most of the principles of the Sunshine Law. 

On the federal level, trying to deal with what President Donald Trump says is a daily, stressful exercise. 

Of course, there are lower-ranking elected government officials in the statehouse who quickly earned the reputation of acting like immature fraternity boys running wild. Their conduct with interns was disgusting. They smeared the good lawmakers who are in the statehouse to serve the public to the best of their ability. 

With what Americans have learned about the FBI and its political activities, how trustworthy is it? We want to continue to respect the agency, but it has some “cleaning house” still to do, and needs to return to some of its basic standards which earned it the reputation of being a first-class law enforcement agency.

There have always been public officials who were not deserving of trust. We end up with officials we can’t trust, because of the reluctance of good people to seek office. There seems to be more untrustworthy officials today.

There’s an adage that our elected officials are but a reflection of the people they represent. Certainly there’s some truth in that.