It’s Sunday morning and Notebook time. All is quiet at the The Missourian. What to write about? Then it hit me. The Good Wife, while reading the Sunday Post-Dispatach, said: “You have to read Bill McClellan. He thinks Claire McCaskill should run for president.”

Even though we hadn’t reached McClellan’s column yet since they buried him inside somewhere after his semi-retirement, we had to leave the front page for this hot command.

Before we reached the part about Claire, we were moved by McClellan’s comment on the “reaction” of political voters. First of all, there are a lot of those ballot-casters. History is full of them, as noted by The Bill. 

The Bill is a down-to-earth guy who doesn’t mind being called by  his first name (wonder if anybody ever addresses him by Mr. McClellan?). He made my Sunday when he wrote: “So the reaction to Obama begat Trump.” Yes!

We’ve been writing that for a long time and had never read it before by any of the leaning-liberal columnists in big media newspapers. Correction, they are not leaning-liberals, they’ve fallen. The Bill usually is not serious long enough to be called a leaning-liberal.

Barack Obama was a Jimmy Carter in an African-American disguise! Voters reacted to that.

The Bill ruled out another run by Hillary for president. She’s got a heavy-duty purse besides being married to “one of the most notorious harassers” (as in sex) ever to hit the ink. Then there is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, damaged by her claim of Native heritage, which was a profound exaggeration that stretched higher than the capitol dome.

With Warren and Clinton out of play, the nation could well turn its lonely eyes to . . . our own Sen. Claire McCaskill.” The Bill said the only scandal in her career involved a failure to pay taxes on an airplane, which was more her husband’s than hers. The Bill had this to say about Claire: “You think Trump is going to go after somebody for not paying taxes?”

Of course, to promote Claire for president means she must stay in print and on the airwaves, and that means being re-elected in 2018 to the U.S. Senate. Some polls say she is running behind the Republican candidate, Attorney General Josh Hawley, a newcomer to politics, who was recruited to run because no other body stepped forward.

None of The Bill’s suggestions for presidents from Missouri in the recent past ever entered the starting gate.

We’ve met The Bill a couple of times, but he won’t remember the midget-mind from Midgetville. The last time was at a press gathering in Columbia and he was on the program for a Saturday morning session. The night before in the hotel bar, he ran into grandson Jack, who had been an intern at the Post-Dispatch and met The Bill there. During their enlightened conversation, The Bill mentioned he forgot to bring a tie and thought he should have one for his session. It would bring him a degree of dignity. Jack, a senior at MU at that time, and 21, offered to return to his apartment and get a tie. Jack did just that and The Bill wore the tie the next morning. I recognized the tie when he returned it after the session. It was one I had given to Jack. The sad thing is that tie never brought dignity to grandfather, Jack or The Bill. The message is never borrow a tie from the guy sitting next to you on a bar stool.

Some years ago, for a parade in Washington, we suggested The Bill for the grand marshal. We wrote he probably only would charge a six-pack of beer for being grand marshal. He didn’t make the cut.

If Claire decides to run for president, and The Bill is her campaign manager of sorts, we will donate a couple of ties to him. The ones he wears on Donnybrook on Channel Nine aren’t that appealing to voters.