Missouri’s two U.S. senators, Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill, have introduced legislation to name the train station in Washington, D.C., after Missouri’s Harry S. Truman, who was president from 1945 to 1953. It would be called the Harry S. Truman Union Station.

There is no memorial or statue of Truman in our nation’s capital as of now. He was one of our greatest presidents. May 8 was the 130th anniversary of his birth in Lamar, Mo.

There should be a memorial to Truman in Washington, D.C. A Democrat, in Missouri and elsewhere in the nation, Truman is recognized also by Republicans for his greatness. Democrat Sen. McCaskill called Truman “a gutsy straight-talker, Missouri’s Favorite Son,” who was well respected and widely recognized for his accomplishments. Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said: “As the only Missourian to become president, Harry Truman’s tenacity, self-education and courage to do difficult things are appreciated by people in our state and nationwide.” Blunt added that he is honored to share Truman’s Senate offices, and “am honored to co-sponsor this bill, which would appropriately recognize his leadership on behalf of all Americans.”

St. Louis should have named its Union Station after Truman. Come to think of it, Washington, Mo., should have named its train station after Truman. It still could be done! What about the new Missouri River bridge — the Truman Bridge at Washington! Sounds good to us. Truman was among the last presidential candidates and as president to use a train for travel and campaigning.

There certainly should be a memorial of Harry S. Truman in Washington, D.C. He is worthy of it. His record of leadership and making tough decisions has made him among the tallest in stature in the history of the presidency. Sen. Blunt, a student of history, recognizes and appreciates the leadership of Truman, along with Sen. McCaskill.