Political observers are expressing surprise with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the standings among the Democrats who are running for the office.

The 78-year-old socialist from Vermont raised more money in the last quarter than any of the other Democratic candidates for president. And he is considered a legitimate contender in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries.

The AP reported that a number of high-ranking Democrats are concerned with Sanders’ rise in popularity. They are concerned that if he is the party’s candidate that he will lose in the general election to President Donald Trump.

Former Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who was a senior aide to President Barack Obama, issued a warning to Democrats about Sanders. He said Sanders’ unwavering support for “Medicare for All” won’t play well among swing voters in the states that matter the most in 2020. He added: “The degree of difficulty dramatically increases under a Bernie Sanders candidacy. It just gets a lot harder.”

The Iowa caucuses Feb. 3 will indicate somewhat as to Sanders’ strength.

Sanders is a fighter. He won’t give up easily. His message apparently has been taken to heart by donors, who have given chiefly small gifts, but they are adding up.

We don’t believe he will get the nomination. We may be wrong. But he has been very unsettling to the Democratic establishment because they are convinced he can’t beat Trump because of his radical views.