Bill, Hillary and now their daughter Chelsea Clinton may go down in American history as the most zealous, unconscionable, politically mercenary family that ever dwelled in the White House. It must be added Bill and Hillary are bright, possessing gifted personalities, and are relentless political fundraisers.

And it must be conceded that Hillary would have made a better president than talker-but-no-action Barack Obama, who because of his ego believes he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents. He actually believes that! But what can you expect from a nonattentive president who doesn’t know how to row the boat to reach the banks of solutions.

The tone of some of the Clinton-watchers, most of whom were admirers who would genuflect by their words at mention of the “C” name, now are showing signs of fatigue. There are voters who feel the same way.

A columnist who isn’t bowing to the “Cs,” and their charm, is Maureen Dowd, who dressed them down in Sunday’s The New York Times. She said, “Like father, like mother, like daughter” when it comes to milking their name status and public political stardom to rake in the money. While Hillary is bright, she really has been saying dumb things of late, like, we were broke when we left the White House. She failed to mention her book deal, worth $13 million as an advance.

But what really has galled people is the reported $75,000 that Chelsea gets for a speech, and/or an appearance. She really doesn’t need the money. She is making a reported $600,000 annually as a correspondent of NBC News. Dowd calls it a “nepotistic job as a soft-focus” reporter. The “C” name is a money-machine!

Bill and Hillary receive $200,000 to $700,000 for their appearances and talks. Educational institutions piously claim that no tax dollars are involved. They claim the money comes from gifts and foundations. The Clintons are just as holy when they say most of the money goes to the Clinton Foundation.

Who controls the Foundation? What income do the Clintons receive from the Foundation? The Clintons not only are masters of deceit, degrees in it.

We finally broke down and bought Hillary’s memoir, “Hard Choice.” It was a hard choice to decide to buy it since all the reviews we’ve read are unflattering and point to the self-serving words. It started out as a best-seller but sales have continued to drop since the second week it was out. The book can be bought for 20 to 30 percent off at this time.

The picture of Hillary on the front cover is not her best facial expression. We are surprised she selected that photo.

We read reports that the “C” family now has a worth of more than $100 million. Most of it has come after their White House days, of course. Hillary has been a faithful rider on Bill’s coattails and it has paid off for her. And for Chelsea!

Hillary seems to be a sure ticket for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. No one has risen to oppose her on that ticket. Is there anyone who could equal the Clintons in campaign funds? A Republican has yet to come forward who would give Hillary a run for the office. There’s a positive prospect if Hillary claims the White House. She would get along with Congress better than Mr. O, or we should say Mr. Divisive.