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I can’t believe the Thanksgiving holiday is here.

It feels like Halloween was yesterday and the solar eclipse was the day before that. Time sure flies when you’re busy “adulting.”

Thanksgiving will be spent my at aunt and uncle’s house, on my mom’s side of the family. It wasn’t always held at their house. After some deep thought, and a phone call to Mom, I remembered that my grandparents used to host Thanksgiving. It’s been so long ago I nearly forgot. Does memory loss start at age 24?

Thanksgiving is pretty typical in my family. This year, my mom will make the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. In the past, she has taken green bean casserole, which is my favorite.

My Aunt Mary will bring a type of vegetable, along with pumpkin and apple pies. My grandma used to make delicious chocolate pies, also my favorite. When my grandma stopped making them, my Uncle Joe kept the tradition going.

My Aunt Joan cooks the turkey, stuffing, along with some more pumpkin pies. My Uncle Mike does the ceremonial cutting of the turkey.

At each place setting, there usually are little turkeys made of pipe cleaners and hair net material, filled with M&M’s. Made by my Aunt Mary, that has also been a long-standing tradition.

Normally, we take our family photo at Christmas, but for the past few years, we have been taking it at Thanksgiving.

Now that my cousins have families of their own and do not live in the area anymore, it will be nice to see them this holiday, along with their babies.

It’s hard to believe I’m not the youngest in my family anymore, but I’m excited to see how much my cousins’ children have grown. I think they are first cousins once removed, right?