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First, I want to thank those who sent in hiking trail suggestions. There seems to be a ton of trails in the area, so I have my work cut out for me. Also, I want to thank the gentleman who gave me a ride in his ATV to get to a fire last week, and to a firefighter also who drove me in a fire truck. Otherwise I would have had to walk quite a distance to and from my car. It was much appreciated.

Fast Eddie’s

To celebrate my friend passing her NCLEX exam for nursing, we gathered a small group together and went to Fast Eddie’s in Alton, Ill. I had never been there before and now I can cross it off my bucket list.

It is quite a popular place. We got there pretty early in the afternoon and it was already jam-packed with people inside and out. If you decide to go, I would get there right when it opens to get a good spot in the shade if you sit outside.

There were probably more motorcycles in the parking lot than cars, which was interesting. I mentioned to my friends it would be fun to dress up as “biker chicks” next time we go. At first they gave me a funny look, but then agreed it would be fun.

When you walk in, you are carded right away. I know to always have my ID ready when I walk into 21 and up places because, believe it or not, I look super young for my age. (Loud gasp.)

Make sure you have plenty of cash because they do not accept credit or debit cards and you pay by the drink. I tried a frozen strawberry daiquiri and it was delicious. It was a nice cool drink while sitting in the hot sun.

Fast Eddie’s is known for its inexpensive food as well. They have really good burgers and fries. To order food, you go up to a counter to place your order, but there are waitresses everywhere ready to take your drink order. I think next time I will try some spicy chicken skewers.

There were many 21st birthday parties when we went, so it must be the place in Illinois to celebrate the big 21.

Since it was pretty crowded with parties taking place, it was difficult not to photo bomb people’s photos. Walking past a group’s photo to get to my table, I’m pretty sure I’m in the background. I noticed they were taking a photo and I tried smiling before they were finished. I really hope I made it into the photo.

Going to Fast Eddie’s for the first time was quite an experience. I think people need to go at least once. Next time, I think I will plan to go in the evening to avoid the sun because my legs and arms got burnt.