Every now and then Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill distances herself from the radical element in her party. She did vote “no” on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, but she is against party radicals who want to impeach the judge.

She told the Kansas City Star she would never consider impeaching him. Period.

Sen. McCaskill added she would oppose any move on impeachment in the Senate. No one in the Senate is discussing it, she continued.

A few Democratic members in the House have said they will work to impeach Kavanaugh on grounds he didn’t tell the truth when he was accused with sexual assault by a couple of women. The FBI’s investigation turned up no evidence that supported the allegations.

Sen. McCaskill said she did not vote “no” on Judge Kavanaugh because of the allegations of sexual assault. She gave another reason that had to do with his record as a judge.

Many Missourians would like to see from her more moderation on other issues, such as abortion. She has never been a wild-eyed liberal like some members of her party.