Republican Dave Schatz, Sullivan, is seeking re-election to the District 26 state Senate seat. He deserves another four-year term.

A conservative, he is in step with most of the residents of Franklin County. He is moving up in leadership roles in the Missouri Senate. He has been a strong advocate of better roads and bridges in the state, and particularly in Franklin County.

Sen. Schatz is an advocate for small business and improving the economy. His experience in business is an added plus.

He has responded to residents of the county and listens to their concerns. A moderate, he uses common sense in reaching decisions. He is respected by his peers in the Senate and by Gov. Mike Parson.

In fiscal matters, he’s conservative, believes in accountability and is a good watchdog of the taxpayers’ money.

His record in his first term is sound and we believe he will continue to serve residents of the county in a direction that is in their best interests.