I saw the new “IT” movie that just came out in theaters. Having not read the book by Stephen King or the original, I thought it was an OK movie.

Although “IT” would be terrifying for children, the movie did not really scare me. I probably laughed more than I was terrified.

The movie reminded me of the Netflix show “Stranger Things,” and not because one of the actors from the show is in the movie, but both take place in the 1980s and both story lines are centered around a group of kids.

I will say the ending of “IT” is a tearjerker. I plan on seeing the original, which I heard is completely different from the new version. Hopefully the original will be a little more terrifying than the remake.

My next scary movie to watch is “Annabelle: Creation.”

This version is about how a former toy maker and his wife welcome a nun and six orphaned girls into their farmhouse.

It is supposed to go into the backstory of the couples’ 7-year-old daughter Annabelle who died in a tragic car accident. One of the orphaned children sneaks into a forbidden room and finds the Annabelle doll that comes to life.

I have heard good reviews, so I am excited to finally watch it.

Halloween Movie

On the topic of scary movies, my all time favorite movie to watch during Halloween is “Hocus Pocus.”

That movie never gets old. My favorite part is when the witches, mainly Bette Milder, sing “I Put a Spell on You.”

My sister and I can quote pretty much the entire movie. It is a classic that must be watched every year. If you have not seen it, I entirely recommend it.

There have been rumors on the internet of a sequel to “Hocus Pocus,” but I have not seen or heard of anything definite. You can bet I will be first in line to see it if and when the sequel happens.