One of the primary responsibilities of government is to provide protection for people in its jurisdiction. We have taken “protection” for granted. That no longer is a “given.”

After another shooting at a high school in Florida, leaving 17 dead, nearly 20 injured, and who knows how many students with emotional problems, what can government do to stop the horrific bleeding at our schools?

Do we just “move on” and await another shooting at another school?

School officials across the country worry about whether they are next. 

How many other Nikolas Cruzes are there in the country, mentally disturbed, living with a grudge, able to buy assault rifles, have no respect for life, are just waiting for the time when they will go on a killing rampage? Authorities are aware of some of these killers-in-waiting, but what can they do if they haven’t broken the law?

We have the best first responders in the world, but we don’t have the laws that would give our officers the right to hold in check these potential killers. Any new laws would have to meet the constitutional test required in this land where freedoms reign. 

Congress has done nothing to attempt to curb the school shootings. Do we need tougher gun control laws, especially as to assault rifles? We already have trained police on our school grounds, but they are few in number and can’t cover the ground at most schools. Is arming our teachers the answer? That might reduce the kill number, but do we really want to do that?

Our schools are doing what they can to prepare for a shooter. Other first responders and disaster preparations are in place as we await another horrific event.

It’s not enough. Somebody in Congress must lead the way, do something.

More information is becoming available about the shooter. A Mississippi bail bondsman said he alerted the FBI last September that someone using the name of Nikolas Cruz posted these words on his YouTube channel, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter.” The FBI investigated but couldn’t make a connection to the shooter.  

The leader of a white nationalist militia said Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills. He acted on his own. The suspect used Uber to get to the school. Uber is cooperating with authorities. Cruz was arrested without incident walking away from the school.

Is it going to be the same old story -— nothing changes? Nothing is done? The most powerful country in the world can’t stop school shootings!