We have listened to State  of the Union addresses by American presidents for so many years and we can tell you very few have been overwhelmingly inspiring. A number of presidents have had better speechwriters than others.

It also is true delivery of these annual speeches has ranged from excellent to passable.

So the question is how to rate President Trump’s more than a hourlong address the other night.

To some Americans, it was inspiring. To others, it was dead on arrival. The anti-Trump coalition had its mind made up before one Trump word was said.

President Trump is his best cheerleader!

He displays a presence that is bulging with bluster and at the same time swelling in confidence. That irritates Democrats, especially Nancy and good old Chuck, both of whom time has passed, and, unfortunately, that is a drag on their party.

The American heroes who Trump put on world display during his talk outdid President Ronald Reagan and any other president. They were inspirational. They made all Americans proud or should have.

The bias shown before and after by television experts and observers was a bit sickening. We can’t recall a time before when there was so much prejudice pouring from television screens. Of course, we all know President Trump brings most of it on himself. Can he be reformed, perhaps just slightly?

He had positive talking points on the economy. He made the most of it. He sidestepped other ongoing controversies.

Perhaps in the end his speech was like most in the past. The Americans who like him, liked the speech. His detractors didn’t care for the speech. Hasn’t that always been the case with State of the Union addresses? As far as igniting a spirit of unity, it fell short, except that it gave hope to Republicans.